Vol. 10, No. 25 – Sept 13 – Sept 26, 2017 – City of Ventura Classes

Call 658-4726 to register, if you already have an account online, visit www.cityofventura.ca.gov.

Acrylics for Adults 15 year-adult
9/13-9/27 W 6-7:30pm $55+$10 supply fee #9513
Have fun and learn different acrylic painting techniques while creating your own personal “Masterpiece”. All levels welcome. Instructor Laura Brooks. Classes held at Barranca Vista Center.

Art Dolls & Whimsical Wooded Projects 16 years-adult
9/15-10/20 F 3:30-5:30pm $75 #9519
Using fabric, buttons, tree limbs and paint we will create wonderful unique art pieces. Instructor Judee Hauer. Classes held at Barranca Vista Center.

Music Therapy for Pre-Schoolers 2-4 years
9/21-11/16 Th 9:30-10:15am $100 #9629
We’ll sing together, play, share, clap, and march together. A family or support member is welcome to stay and participate with each toddler. No class 10/26. Instructor, Board-Certified Music Therapist and performing artist, Brett “Jab” Cripe. Classes held at Barranca Vista Center.

Beautiful Ballerinas 3-9 years
9/15-10/20 F 9:45-10:30am 5-6 yo $72 #9803
9/14-10/19 Th 3:15-4 pm 5-6yo $72 #9805
9/14-10/19 Th 4-5pm 7-8yo $72 #9807
Learn fundamental techniques, positions and exercises for flexibility, balance, poise and grace and the importance of following instructions, taking turns and being a productive member of a group. Instructor Sage Schniederbauer. Classes held at Barranca Vista Center.

Intermediate/Advanced Vintage Polynesian with Elaine Tavares 12 years-adult
9/20-11/8 W 6:15-7:30pm $65 #9811
Have fun learning the steps of Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian Poi Ball dancing. Bring a skirt or sarong to class. Classes held at Barranca Vista Center.

Cardio Belly Dance 18 years-adult
9/17-10/22 Su 3-4 pm $60 #9376
Master steps, turns and isolations of belly dance through fun drills to upbeat modern world music. Bring towel and water. *No class 11/26. Instructor Haley-Nicole Harwood. Classes held at Barranca Vista Center.

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