Vol. 10, No. 24 – Aug 30 – Sept 12, 2017 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

8-17 5:50pm, received a report of a petroleum spill near Ventura Isle Marina L-dock. Officers responded and located a possible source for the spill. The responsible party was contacted and the spill was mitigated.

8-18 12:45pm, received a report from a village tenant that the captain of a commercial fishing boat was using some colorful language to discipline his crew. Officers responded and issued a warning for vulgar language.

8-19 1:50pm, received a report of a disabled personal water craft near the Ventura Pier. Officers responded and while en route were cancelled because the operator was able to restart the vessel and was no longer in danger.

8-20 1:08pm, received a dispatch to a fall victim at 1215 Anchors Way. Officers responded and assisted Ventura fire / AMR with an elderly female. She was eventually transported to local hospital for further evaluation.

10:05pm, received a report of a fuel sheen in the South Basin of the harbor. Officers responded and discovered a sheen in the area reported. After an investigation, officers were able to locate the source on one of the commercial fishing boats. The captain was contacted and the leak was mitigated.

8-21 11:46am, received a dispatch to a medical at 1559 Spinnaker Drive. Officers responded and assisted several agencies with a medical patient at the call.

1:30pm, received a report of a young female transient disturbing every person she comes into contact with throughout the village. Officers responded and searched the entire harbor, but were unable to locate the individual.

7:32pm, received a dispatch to a stroke patient at 1215 Anchors Way. Officers responded and assisted Ventura fire and AMR with the patient.

8-22 7:31pm, received dispatch to an ocean rescue, vessel sinking off of Emma Wood state beach. Officers responded with multiple agencies including Ventura Fire and State Parks lifeguards. When officers arrived on scene in the fireboat, they discovered 3 young males fishing on an anchored rigid-hulled inflatable in shallow water. Officers convinced the boys to move to safer water then eventually return to the Harbor.


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