Vol. 10, No. 22 – Aug 2 – Aug 15, 2017 – Person to Person

by Jennifer Tipton

Do you think medical marijuana businesses should be allowed in the City of Ventura?

William “Bill” Moran
age 54
Real Estate Sales and Finance
“That’s such a hot topic – in general, I’m opposed to the legalization of marijuana, it’s an intoxicating drug that we don’t need. We’re lowering our standards and losing the difference between right and wrong, everything’s becoming tolerable – we’re living in a moral abyss.”

Jill Guertner
age 53
“I never thought I’d say this but, yes for some it’s a necessity for medical relief. I have personal experience with someone who needs this for chronic pain and sleep issues, it’s the only thing that’s worked.”

Trevor Morgan
age 22
works at Salzer’s Records
“Good question, I think it should be allowed and here’s why – residents have been very hesitant to have legal marijuana in the City due to an increase in crime that it might bring, that’s a short-sided view and the bigger picture isn’t being seen.”

Jonell McLain
age 71
Real Estate Broker
“Absolutely! I think it’s a proven fact that it’s safer than most of the pharmaceuticals, it’s the will of the people (to make it legal) and politics that keeps it away. I don’t believe it’s a gateway drug and it should be regulated like alcohol. Not to mention the tax revenues!”

Mattie Richardson
age 35
Manager at Salzer’s Records
“I lean more toward medical marijuana for people dealing with pain management, anxiety, Parkinson’s and seizures because I’ve seen opiate addiction.”


Marc Abbink
age 54 Actor
“I don’t think so, even though I think medical marijuana has its purpose, I don’t think dispensaries would be a good thing to have in Ventura. I think it would have a criminal element and attract a lot of undesirables to our city.”

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