Planning Commission to act on ADU

On August 9th the Ventura Planning Commission will consider the provisions of the accessory dwelling unit ordinance.

You may review the Planning Commission Staff Report and Draft Ordinance at While the August 9th hearing has this item as No. 4, the earlier items may move rather quickly.

ADU is Item No. 4 on the agenda. Please note on the first page of the agenda is an informational box that describes how you can participate in the public hearing process and methods to provide input if you cannot attend the hearing on August 9th. The Planning Commission does value your interest. On January 9, 2017, the City Council adopted an Interim Urgency ADU ordinance.

Couple of notes of interest as you review the Staff Report and attachments:

The 11 page staff report highlights the major provisions of the ADU standards and gives rationale and context to the proposed standards. Most attachments are maps and graphics

The Ordinance is Attachment B, contained as Exhibit A of the PC Resolution. While it is about 25 pages, note that the standards are in the first 8 pages; the rest of the pages are all the different zoning regulations across numerous documents (Development Codes) that must be updated with ADU term and then remove old 2nd unit regulations. Therefore if you read through the 8 pages you are informed of the new rules.

“The project proposes the establishment of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (“ADU”)

Ordinance. This proposed ADU Ordinance would replace previous city regulations for

residential second units and carriage houses contained in the City municipal code and

the City’s form based development codes. This proposed ordinance is in response to

recent State Law amending California Government Code Section 65852.2 (“Section

65852.2”), which limits the City’s ability to regulate or limit new ADUs. Effective January

1, 2017, the two bills-Assembly Bill 2299 (“AB 2299”) and Senate Bill 1069 (“SB

1069”)-require cities to either adopt an ordinance that complies with the new

restrictions and specific standards or apply only the specific state standards set forth in

amended Section 65852.2. The draft ordinance is contained in Attachment B and these

proposed ADU regulations are discussed in the Staff Analysis section of this report.”

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