Vol. 10, No. 19 – June 21 – July 4, 2017 – Mailbox


Every time that I try to go to the harbor I can never find a place to park. Especially when it is really hot in other places and those “out siders” come here to cool off. I know that tourists are important to the harbor businesses but they can’t find a place to park either. Are there any plans to add a parking structure?

Deena Hill

Deena: We hope so because things could get worse because two future projects might be happening in the Harbor. See my column on page 4 for a brief description of them. I would assume that they will provide for parking on-site.



I think that the planning commission’s vote approving further enhancements to our auto center is very important. I hope that the city council approves this also when it goes to them. Unlike Oxnard’s auto center (you must drive through it on the way to several big box stores) the only time one drives past our auto center is to look at cars or play poker. Development behind the center will correct this and the street certainly needs widening.

Frances Paredes


I needed to share this. I’m on the Surfliner stopped at the Ventura stop and saw the conductor get a Breeze! I talked with her and she said she gets one to see what’s going on in Ventura. She’s looking forward to having every other weekend off so she can spend a weekend in Ventura. She mentioned interest in the fair.

Jean Scott


I think the spending of way over $2 million for the new bridge enhancements on California is absurd. The only difference that I see is a not very good looking higher rail. I certainly hope that it didn’t cost Ventura all of that money.

Chuck White Ventura


More than half of the funding (57%) for this project is from transportation grant funding with 53% from Federal Transportation grant funding and 4% from local Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds. The balance of the funding is from state gas taxes (37%), and the City’s Public Art Fund (7%).

Perhaps you will like it better when the new lighting poles are installed.

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