Vol. 10, No. 17 – May 24 – June 6, 2017 – Mailbox


Contrary to The Star, Yes, You are doing “something right”!  Lots right !  Congratulations and Thanks for doing a great job and valued service to our community

I must admit to shedding a tear or two in reading about your goodbye to Scamp  So sad

Thanks again

Mike Merewether


So sorry to see Scamp has passed on. He was Ventura’s mascot. I feel like he belonged to all of us. We will all miss him.

Cheryl Heitmann

Hello Sheldon

I read your column about losing Scamp. Again my heartfelt condolences

Suggest to Diane:

Look online at one of the local shelters for a middle aged hairy something for you and Diane. I highly suggest getting another dog.

Although Scamp will Always be in your hearts, there is room for more, you’ll see. And there’s a homeless dog out there who will love you just as much as Scamp did!

Mindy Benezra

Dear Sheldon & Diane:

Our hearts go out to you on your loss of Professor Scamp. He was a great dog and we enjoyed his wise words in every edition. He had a wonderful life and made the world a better place.

It is hard to deal with it the passing of a doggy child but comfort is in knowing you were the very best parents. All of our hearts felt sympathy.

Marilyn, Gary and Belle Rudolph (Scampclub Aug.,2015)

His words will continue. Read my article.

Dear Sheldon and family,

I am saddened to read about Scamp’s passing; it is always a difficult task to let someone go on to their next journey alone. I feel sure you all provided the best support you could in arriving at the final decision.

Michael Gordon

Sheldon & Diane:

Honoring all that you both gave to Scamp and all that he gave to you. My heart hugs your hearts.

Patty Jenkins

You practice and you get better. It’s very simple.
~ Philip Glass

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