Your Estate Assistant celebrates National Senior Move Managers Week

The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) has declared

May 14-20 National Senior Move Managers Week. During this recognition week NASMM members around the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia are promoting the value of Senior Move Management and Senior Move Managers’ commitment to assisting older adults and their families with later lifestyle transitions.

Senior Move Managers assist adults and their families with both downsizing to remain in their current home, as well as the entire process of moving to a new residence. Senior Move Managers specialize in helping their clients with the emotional and physical aspects of sorting through a lifetime of memories in the transition process, while providing them with effective options and resources to increase efficiencies and reduce stress. The theme of this year’s celebration, “A Circle of Experts,” underscores the unique skills and professionalism Senior Move Managers® offer their clients and families throughout the downsizing, relocation or aging in place process.

“For adults who have lived in their homes for 30 or 40 years, it’s far more than just a move: It’s a lifetime of memories being uprooted. Most of my clients are also relocating to much smaller living situations so there’s a lot of downsizing to do. This means that a lot of possessions need to be sold or given away. Although, sometimes people don’t want to let go of all their valuables so we have to find an Alpharetta storage unit for them! We’re often considering floorplans of the new home and determining what furniture will fit,” said Beth Sutherland, Founder of Your Estate Assistant, LLC.

“Whether you’re moving or downsizing to stay in the home, the organizational and physical tasks of this process can be overwhelming. In my experience, both Clients and families find it a great relief to bring in a neutral third party who specializes in Senior Move Management. “

Founded in 2002, The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) is a not-for-profit, professional association of organizations dedicated to assisting older adults and their families with the physical and emotional demands of downsizing, relocating, or modifying their homes. As the only professional association of its type devoted to helping the rapidly increasing 55+ population with middle and later lifestyle issues, NASMM’s 900-plus members are committed to maximizing the dignity and autonomy of all older adults.

NASMM is internationally recognized for its innovative programs, leadership and expertise on issues related to

Senior Move Management, aging in place, and transition and relocation issues affecting older adults. Before achieving full general membership, all NASMM members are vetted for experience and insurance and must pass four certificate classes. Additionally, all NASMM members sign and adhere to the NASMM Code of Ethics, and agree to the guidance and oversight of NASMM’s Ethics Compliance Commission.

For more information about your local Senior Move Manager and how she may assist you please contact Your Estate Assistant at 861-8341.

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