Do you know about our Did You Knows?

by Kevin O’Connor

O’Connor Pest Control’s main reason for creating Did You Knows, has been educational. We hope to be “community educators,” helping educate families about the hazards of disease-bearing pests and the important measures for controlling these dangers. Community education is one way of bolstering safety and security for all. It’s important to us to keep families, and especially children, healthy and safe.

Here are some examples of the kind of information that is distributed to families through the Did You Know program. These messages comment on rats, bed bugs, roaches, and spiders. We have also educated the public about gophers, field mice, mosquitoes, live-animal trapping, the Zika virus, and so forth.

Did you know that proper professional rodent control is essential. So virulent is the “rat pack,” that out of control rodent populations put Public Health at risk. Professional pest control vancouver operators are trained to select and safely apply rodenticides. CA regulations have already removed the strongest anti-coagulants (SGARs) from the hands of non-professional users.

Did you know that the common bed bug, formally called Cimex lectularius, has infected humankind for so many centuries that today it survives solely on human blood. Almost eradicated by DDT after WWII, bed bugs today withstand levels of pesticides many times greater than the lethal dose of a few decades ago.

Did you know that cockroaches will invade even the cleanest of homes. They find any way and every way possible to fit through cracks, crevices, piping, electrical outlets etc. to get inside homes. There are 4,500 different species and 30 live in human habitats. Cockroach fecal matter and decaying corpses become a fine powder and once inhaled are known to trigger allergies and asthma attacks.

Did you know that common house spiders can live for several years and tend to hide away in dormant places. Male house spiders are more prone to wander throughout a home in search for a mate. Spiders can lay 2 to 1000 eggs per sac depending on the species. It is reported that black widow venom is 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake.

Education is power for prevention, treatment, and wellbeing. Speaking of wellbeing, winter is gone and spring is here. So, Happy Spring to everyone.

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