Vol. 10, No. 9 – February 1 – February 14, 2017 – Mailbox

Greetings dear amazing Sheldon and the Ventura Breeze!

Wow – you guys helped us get over 50 attendees at our January meeting from your notice in the January 4-17, 2017 edition…that was a beautiful layout!! I hung it up at the meeting for all to see (& the Lexington loved it, too, by the way! 😉

What a great way to start out the new year, by helping at least 10 folks find us for the first time; they were able to learn a lot more about Parkinson’s Disease than they were aware of (most of them were pretty newly diagnosed). I truly meant what I said in the ‘letter’ to you in the Jan 4-17 edition, “we are certainly blessed to have you” to help our Community! 🙂

Yours Truly,
Patty Jenkins


Just got home after picking up my copy of this week’s Breeze.  I just wanted to tell you that I agree with you on your response to Dan on the Dog/God issue.  I think you expressed the separation of church and state issue well.

Ed Wehan


Mike Kory (letter to editor in Jan.18, 2017 Ventura Breeze)does not speak for the residents of Pierpont. He is a resident of Camarillo, according to his registration with the City of Ventura, and is not a permanent resident of Pierpont as he states. It is immaterial that he has enjoyed vacation homes outside of Ventura, some of which are having backlashes from residents in the places he lists. The position that a periodic vacationer will out spend a permanent resident is preposterous.

Vacationers do not make purchases for family staples such as automobiles, auto services, barber or hair salons, insurance, florists, legal or estate services, veterinarians, medical, churches, or charities, etc. He states that it is a small group who complain about the rentals. That is far from true. It is true that many residents see this as a hopeless situation having battled this issue with the City now for 11 years. It is none of Kory’s business how residents have come to own their homes, as he characterizes “as the lucky ones”.

He projects the position of the Coastal Commission as justification to ignore our municipal codes that do not allow STVR commercial businesses in residential zones, by “use” or CUP. The Coastal Act is not in violation by the City for upholding it’s zoning ordinances. The City’s new attempt to justify its bad decision to circumvent zoning codes by reexamining the STVR ordinance is another folly. The City’s decision to take this course in itself is an affront to all residents and citizens of Pierpont.

John Whitman-Ventura

The fact that Mike Kory is a resident of Camarillo has not been verified by the Breeze.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

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