The drought continues

by Shana Epstein, Ventura Water General Manager

So far this winter, the rain and snow have really helped northern and central California, but Santa Barbara County and Ventura County have not experienced the down pour, which many of us have been hoping to receive.  An easy indicator to see how much the rain affected our water supply is to check out the Lake Casitas levels on Casitas Municipal Water District’s website ( and click “Lake Level”).  Currently, Lake Casitas is at 35.3%.  As we experience the rain, keep your irrigation systems off to conserve  our supply  for the hotter, dryer weather later this year.

Ventura Water customers continue to amaze with their steadfast commitment to conservation.  In 2016, they conserved more than 20% when compared to their usage in 2013 before calls for conservation.

For those of you still looking for ways to conserve, the City of Ventura offers free water surveys, waterwise incentives for turf removal, weather based irrigation controllers and free sprinkler nozzles as well as rebates for rain barrels (we’re happy to have rain to collect this winter!)    In addition, if you would like to utilize recycled water, Ventura Water offers a residential recycled water mobile reuse program.  Visit to get access to any of these programs.

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