Carl Morehouse retires from City Council after 17 years

Mayor Erik Nasarenko presented many congratulatory  certificates to Carl Morehouse. Photo by John Ferritto

At the Ventura City Council meeting on Dec. 12 Carl Morehouse was recognized for his years of contribution to the City and to many other organizations as he leaves the Council.

In his 17 years on the Ventura City Council he stated that there are three things that especially stood out to him.

Serving as president of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). The only Venturan to ever do that.

Being mayor and using that position to help bring “his” look alike singer Kris Kristofferson to perform two charity concerts to raise money for farmworker housing.

And being adopted twice, first as a 9-day-old baby in Indiana and then by Ventura for more than three decades.

“This town was kind enough to adopt me,” Morehouse said. “I really do care about this community a great deal. We are truly in one of the best places in the universe to live.”

Many organizations and individuals were there  in person to congratulate and thank Morehouse for his service to Ventura, to Ventura County and to the good of all. Many thanked him for mentoring them in planning issues which is his field of expertise.

Recognizing and applauding him (or their representative ) were Ventura City manager Mark Watkins, Ventura City attorney Greg Diaz, Council members (except Neal Andrews who was not present), Mayor of Camarillo, United States Representative Julia Brownley, Gold Coast Transit District (who presented him with a personalized bus stop), Ventura County Transportation Committee, Ventura Council of Governments, SCAG (which presented him with tie with city logos on it, seemed to be an inside joke), Santa Paula Mayor John Procter, Mayor of Oxnard, Senator Beth Jackson, California League of Cities and Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett represented by his senior executive aide Brian Brennan, who served with Morehouse on the council.

Many other certificates of recognition of  those not present were presented to him by the Mayor.

Christy Weir presented Carl with a photo book of Ventura County, a Ventura logo beach towel “to remind you to relax” and a 150 anniversary decorative tile.





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