Vol. 10, No. 3 – November 9 – November 22, 2016 – Mailbox


When I finished reading the article on Farber-Tauber MD Awards in your Oct.12 issue I was left wondering who the honorees were for 2016.


Yvonne Elizondo

Very good point Yvonne, here they are:

Hospital Physician -Gail Simpson, MD
Community Physician – John Walters, MD
Hospital Nurse- Diana Jaquez, RN, MSN, OCN, ACHPN
Community Nurse – Rosemary Libman, RN
Oral Health Specialist – Scott Packham, DDS
Vision Care Specialist – Paul J. Dougherty, MD
Behavioral/Mental Health Professional – Deborah Thurber, MD
Allied Health Professional – Camarillo Health Care District
Trailblazer Award – Assisted Home Health & Hospice – Elaine Donley

Meet up to clean it up

Just in case you have not noticed our highways and country roads are a mess. So, how about a meet up to clean it up every Saturday? In just the past few days I have removed over 100 lbs. of trash each day for a week. I simply cannot do this my- self. This needs to be a committed effort of folks just like you that want to see Earth Day happen every day, and our home kept pristine. This should not be looked as a party but as a celebration to our home-planet earth.

Or, just work it on your own and make it a family outing.

Bring a trash picker to avoid too much bending and watch your step if you plan to clean the streams-wear good walking or hiking shoes. Best to wear bright colors so that you are easily visible on the highways and twisty roads. Since we have been in a drought for a long time, wild life such as Bears and Mountain Lions have been spotted in the low country, carry a whistle and pepper spray. And beware of poison oak.

Now is a good time for all environmentalists and wanna be trash collectors to get out, get some exercise and sunshine and most importantly clean up our home. This is a free activity no fees no sign ups and no bosses. If you need to contact me I welcome hearing from you. Jay North at [email protected]. See ya on the road-hopefully-weekly.

Peace for now, Jay

Dear Sheldon:

Among the pearls making up the substance of your editorial in the October 26 to November 8 edition of the Breeze was your outline of what is going on in the Ventura County Museum.  Your mention of the Museum reminds me of my recent visit to the WWII Museum in New Orleans.

Aside from the comprehensive portrayals of the battles which led to our victory in WWII, what really got my attention was the emphasis throughout on the prodigious and unified effort of the entire United States, once it became clear that we were in grave danger, to win the war.  I should point out that such an effort was badly needed, as in 1940 our Army consisted of a relatively small number of men mounted on horseback with not a tank in sight.

By mid-WWII nearly everyone, men and women of all descriptions, was either fighting or supporting the road to victory in some way, a display of unity not seen since and quite in contrast to our present condition.  World War Two, as made clear in the WWII Museum, was a cataclysm which brought the entire country together, probably never to be experienced again.  I think of this current state of paralysis nearly every day since my visit.


Art  Spaulding

The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist
is that the taxidermist leaves the skin.
~ Mark Twain

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