City of Ventura election results:

2016-dcpc-election-resultsCity Council winners:
Matt LaVere-most votes 16,607
Christy Weir -12,816
Cheryl Heitmann – 11,469

School Board winners:
Sabrina Rodriquez- 14,121
Jackie Moran- 9,734

MEASURE “N” – The selection of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor occur in even-number years following regular City Council elections, and eliminate the Ventura Unified School District’s election process from the City Charter, thus making them subject to state law, be approved?    Passed 58.79%

MEASURE “O” – Establish a ½ cent sales tax for 25 years, providing approximately $10,800,000 annually, require independent audits, citizens oversight, and all funds used locally? Passed 57.23%

MEASURE “P” -Extending open-space, agriculture, and hillside land use changes by voter approval to 2050 be approved?    Passed 71.99%

MEASURE “Q” – Term-limits for City Councilmembers to require that after serving three full four-year terms, a City Councilmember is not eligible to run for the City Council or to be appointed to a vacancy unless a period of four years has elapsed since their last service on the City Council, be approved? Passed 81.88%

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