Dee Dowell Memorial Scholarship award winners

Dee Dowell Memorial Scholarship winners must be entering his/her freshman through senior year in college.

The Ventura Police Officers Association (VPOA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 13th annual Dee Dowell Memorial Scholarship. The scholarships are to honor Sergeant Darlon “Dee” Dowell, who was shot and killed on August 7, 1978. Sergeant Dowell is the only officer in Ventura’s history to die in the line of duty.

stuff dowell3In selecting scholarship recipients, the VPOA considered academic achievement, school and community service, financial needs, and the following requirements:

Applicants must  submit a resume of school and community activities, including a copy of transcripts through the most recent semester;

Submit an essay of 1000 words or less on “Service, what it means to me”;

Submit a letter of reccommendation from a public servant.

stuff dowell2016 Scholarship Awards Winners:
1st Place $5,000.00  Samantha Givens
2nd Place $3,500.00  Hannah Drake
3rd Place $2,000.00  Emily Morostica
Honorable Mention $500.00  Connie Ochoa and Sabrina Urick

The VPOA would like to thank all of the applicants and congratulate the 2016 winners of the Dee Dowell Memorial Scholarship!

“Be honest, be safe, and look forward to each day.” –Sgt Dee Dowell

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