Meet some of the candidates for City Council

Lorrie Brown

Lorrie Brown, a local mother, with a local perspective and an invested interest in local issues has announced that she plans a second run for Ventura City Council. Lorrie grew up playing at Barranca Vista Park and graduated from Buena High. She brings a diverse perspective and looks forward to being a strong voice for Ventura families.

Lorrie expressed that it is important that as a council member she remain accountable for every vote and proactive in her leadership. Lorrie Brown still has a heart for people, a mind for business and the resolve to work with the City of Ventura.

Brown said, “The current council has done a good job of keeping the City of Ventura above crisis.  As we move forward our future council must engage a council led approach. Tempered with constructive discussion: all the while being present for every decision and every vote.”

Matt LaVere

Matt LaVere, a native Venturan, has announced that he will be seeking a seat on the Ventura City Council this coming November. His official campaign launched on Saturday, June 25 at the Mini-Park on Main Street in Downtown Ventura. His wife Alicia and daughter Lucia were there to help get his campaign going.

“Having been born and raised here in Ventura, and now raising my own family here, I have a unique perspective and awareness of the issues we face in this community. I understand the need to balance the respect for Ventura’s historic past, with the need to chart a future for Ventura that maintains our quality of life while also ensuring our City remains a safe, prosperous place for our children and those generations yet to come.” stated LaVere.

There were kid’s activities, live music, and food from NOW Ventura.

Jeannette Sanchez-Palacios

Dedicated public servant and seasoned community organizer Jeannette Sanchez-Palacios has launched her upcoming campaign with a Campaign Kickoff BBQ held on Saturday, July 2 at Westpark Community Center.

Among others she was joined by State Assembly member, Das Williams, County Supervisor Candidate, Carla Castilla, City Council Candidate, Jeannette Sanchez-Palacios of course, State Senator ,Hannah-Beth Jackson, State Assembly Candidate, Monique Limon, Assembly member, Jacqui Irwin,Democratic Chairperson Shawn Terris, S.B.  and County Supervisor Salud Carbajal.

She stated “For more than ten years, I have built a reputation as an effective leader and trusted advisor for several of Ventura County’s most prominent progressive leaders and non-profit organizations. I am raising my family in Ventura and have cultivated a personal knowledge of the community with a clear vision for how it can be improved.”

Photo by Bernie Goldstein


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