City of Ventura and State Parks Urge Safety for July 4th Holiday

Enhanced beachfront patrol to ensure a safe and clean Ventura

The City of Ventura and State Parks urge citizens to ensure a safe and enjoyable 4th of July holiday by observing local laws that prohibit fireworks in the city of Ventura. Ventura Police, Fire and State Parks will provide increased law enforcement presence on the sand and beachfront area to mitigate the use of illegal fireworks and keep citizens and their property safe.

Given the dry and potentially dangerous conditions from the ongoing drought fire safety is a priority. Even a sparkler can cause injury or start a fire from dying embers hitting dried out vegetation or a shake shingle roof. Residents are encouraged to attend a professional fireworks show such as the Ventura Rotary Club Fireworks Show & Family Picnic held at Ventura Community College.

“On behalf of the fire department, we wish residents and visitors an enjoyable and safe holiday,” said Fire Chief David Endaya. “We urge everyone to refrain from using fireworks, especially with the dry conditions.”

Fireworks pose a significant risk to health and safety and civil infractions for possession or use of fireworks in the city of Ventura carry a penalty of $424. Violators are liable for damages and fines. Ventura police and fire departments will be patrolling neighborhoods throughout the city for fireworks violations.

The City and State Parks are also gearing up to keep Ventura beaches clean from litter that is often left behind by beachgoers and visitors on the 4th of July weekend. The City will be placing more than 100 temporary trash bins, donated by Harrison Industries, on the sand and public areas at Ventura’s busiest beaches including two miles of San Buenaventura State Beach. Convenient and readily accessible bins will help prevent litter from adversely impacting water quality and our beaches.

“We want to keep Ventura beaches looking good,” said State Parks Ventura Sector Superintendent Tyson Butzke. “The holiday always brings more guests and trash to the shoreline. We want to remind visitors to protect our shared environment by picking up their trash.”

The City is also hosting a Volunteer Beach Cleanup July 5, to clean up leftover debris in key areas. Volunteers can sign up at

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