Conservation fatigued? Ventura Water to offer new drought-busting conservation tools

“ filling up with high-quality recycled water is saving us lots of money.”
“ filling up with high-quality recycled water is saving us lots of money.”

by Shana Epstein-Ventura Water General Manager

On the heels of winning the Mayor’s Challenge and being recognized as one of the most water wise cities in America, it’s clear that Ventura residents are extremely mindful of water conservation and the need for continued resiliency. As a catalyst to help reduce conservation fatigue during these extended drought conditions, Ventura Water is proud to equip residents with more water-saving tools!

Coming at the end of June we are excited to announce the grand opening of our Recycled Water mobile use hauling program, where residents can come and get training, pay a fee, and be permitted to fill up containers with high-quality recycled water to be used for landscapes – instead of having to use their potable water. Training sessions will be held Tuesdays, Thursdays, and alternating Saturdays from 9-10 a.m. at the Ventura Water Reclamation Facility (VWRF), 1400 Spinnaker Drive in the Ventura Harbor. The first training session was held on June 21. Contact the VWRF to sign up at 677-4131.

And that’s not all! In July 2016, we will bring you another tool in the water conservation tool belt! Ventura Water will launch WaterWise 2.0, a new turf replacement program that offers more ways to save water. Everything from turf replacement to free sprinkler nozzles and smart irrigation timers will be offered to participants who qualify! So hold off on starting that yard project and stay tuned for more information coming in July on the launch of this exciting program!

Finally, what inspires you to make sacrifices and go above and beyond the call of duty to minimize your water footprint? Also coming in July 2016 – just for fun and as a part of our annual summer awareness campaign – Ventura Water will launch Capture Conservation, a local photo contest that offers residents who have battled to conserve during the drought an opportunity to capture what they’ve done in a photo and be entered to win some really cool prizes! Whether it’s a fancy rainwater harvesting system or simply a reusable water bottle, share how you and your friends are “capturing conservation!” It’s easy… Save water, take a photo and enter to win! Check your monthly Pipeline for more details to come in July.

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