Ventura Emergency personnel respond to Porche losing control and slamming into residence

On May 31, at approximately 4:45 am, a four door Porche Panamera was traveling East bound on Loma Vista Road at a high rate of speed when it lost control and slammed into a residence. The house was occupied by three people who fortunately were not near the garage where the vehicle came to rest at the time of the accident.

Ventura City Fire Paramedics assessed the occupants of the vehicle and no one was injured in the crash. Ventura Police launched an investigation into the cause of the accident and managed the accident scene while interviewing subjects and witnesses. Arriving with Emergency Sirens blaring helped keep the roads clear from further incident as they stabalized the dangers involved with this situation.

Veh into structure 4The attached double car garage suffered heavy damage from the collision. Members of the VFD’s Urban Search and Rescue team performed a structural assessment of the garage and determined emergency shoring would be necessary. Part of the garage structural assembly had to be removed in addition to the roll-up garage door in order for temporary repairs to be made. The homeowner will need to Contact a garage door professional to get this repaired as it’s no easy fix. The garage was temporarily lifted and shored in place. Initial damage estimates for the garage, planters and, items in the garage are approximately $50,000.

The Building and Safety Department was notified of the accident and will be helping building owners later today with getting their garage and house repaired.

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