A Legacy of love and beauty

The San Salvador will get new paint and flags as shown in this colored rendering.

by Gail Field

Sam Povar was a man who loved Ventura and who spent his time and resources in creating, preserving and protecting the beauty of the city that he loved.  Sam passed away in 2015, but he sparked a commitment to continue beautifying the city for residents and visitors.
During his lifetime, Sam founded Povar Plaza on Harbor Boulevard across from the pier, coordinated the beautification of the Art City bus stop on Main Street, and helped establish Soter Point with a new mermaid in Marina Park. Additional projects have been in the works as well—all for the benefit of the city.

Sam’s son and daughter, Michael and Paulette, are continuing this legacy of giving back to the city. “Our father wanted to recognize the beauty of this place and to make a mark that lasts,” says Paulette.  “We are celebrating Ventura as a place where residents and visitors can come to talk, walk their dogs, and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.”

stuff povar2The Povars’ latest project includes refurbishing the big ship that sits on the sand in Marina Park.

“Almost every day you can see children playing on the replica of a Spanish galleon in Marina Park and swinging on the attached zipline,” says Michael.  “The large boat represents Juan Cabrillo’s flagship, the San Salvador.  Our latest project includes refurbishing the big ship with new paint, aluminum flagpoles and flags celebrating the 150 years of Ventura’s cityhood.”

“We already have approvals from the Ventura Parks and Recreation Commission and the Coastal Commission, as well as homeowner associations in the Keys and in Pierpont,” says Paulette.  The Povars are happy that homeowners are contributing to the efforts in Marina Park. Michael explains, “We think this is the most beautiful park, with close to a 360 degree view of water, including the harbor, the inlet and the Pacific itself.  It’s a historical place and a very beautiful one.  We want residents to have a stake in continuing to make this area a more beautiful place and keeping it that way.”

In addition to the renovation of the galleon, the Povars have commissioned a local architect to create renderings for a conversation area overlooking the ocean where visitors can chat, relax, and watch the waves.  The area will be available for group meetings, as well.

Sam Povar’s vision was to inspire others to use private capital along with public cooperation and support to envision something beautiful then make it happen.  “This is something we are passionate about,” says Paulette.  “We hope members of the community will join us not only in beautifying the park, but also in continuing to contribute to Ventura’s future.”

Donations are accepted for the construction and refurbishment of the boat and for continuing projects, like the conversation area.  Tax-deductible donations are accepted at the Ventura Community Partners Foundation for the Sam Povar Memorial Fund.  For further information, call Michael Povar at 818-705-7600.


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