Mariana Peirano at the HUD

art PeiranoMariana Peirano is a resident artist at the HUD, 1793 E Main Street. With many other wonderful artists.

Of her work she says “I was born an artist yet at some point in my early adult life I unconsciously moved away from that idea and became an elementary school teacher. Once my family moved away from my native Argentina, my life changed completely. My struggles as an immigrant child prompted me to become a bilingual teacher and help those in similar situations. During those years, my art was limited to creating classroom materials for my students and my own children. “

“Now, more than twenty years later, I return to my true nature and I’m an artist again.  My concern for the human condition, which has permeated my life, is reflected in my artwork.  The grace and beauty of the human body and the perplexity of facial expressions are all recurring themes in my work. I like to create images that evoke emotion and portray the complexity of the human mind.”

“My medium of choice is oil but I also work in acrylic and pastel. After a whole year working in acrylic, I’m once again loving the richness and vividness of the oils. They allow me to take my time and work in layers. It’s almost as if I discover a new painting in each layer.”

“My process reflects my belief that I’m merely an instrument for the creative forces of the universe. I’m inspired by images that evoke a strong emotional response in me. And so I write poems to decipher the messages I receive from those images. Then the words and the images become my painting.”

HUD hours:Wednesday-Friday 5-9 pm
Saturday by appointment only

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