City of Ventura accepts the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, April 1 – 30

Cities nationwide are participating in a nationwide contest to be named the “Most Water-Wise” city. Over 3,900 cities are expected to compete and Ventura has its eye on the prize!

In 2015, Ventura took second place for the top-ranked city in the 100,000 – 299,999 population standings.

El Niño has not delivered on its anticipated weather swings and little has changed regarding the status quo facing Southern California’s water supply problem. That’s part of the message behind the upcoming Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, April 1-30, presented nationally by the Wyland Foundation and Toyota.

The campaign, now in its fifth year, kicked off April 1, from the city of San Diego with a clarion call to mayors nationwide to use the power of their post to spread the word about the importance of water conservation.

Ventura Mayor Erik Nasarenko is calling on all Ventura residents to respond.

“I am joining mayors across the country in asking local residents to make a commitment to conserve water,” Nasarenko said. “Ventura is leading the way on water conservation and last year was the runner-up in the nationwide competition, finishing second to the City of Torrance. For the month of April 2016 and beyond, join me Venturans in this challenge, by continuing to reduce water usage and conserving our most precious resource.”

The annual competition rewards residents who take the pledge with a chance to win a Toyota Prius, home irrigation makeovers, environmentally friendly clean products, and hundreds more eco-friendly prizes.

Last year, mayors from 36 states encouraged residents to make over 390,000 pledges to promote drought resiliency, protect watersheds, and ultimately reduce stress on aging water infrastructure.

Ventura residents make their pledges online at throughout the month of April. Cities with the highest percentage of residents that make pledges in their population category qualify for over $50,000 in prize drawings.

Answer the call and help Ventura be the most waterwise city in America. Simply go to, and pledge either with your Facebook account or email address, and type in Ventura as your city.

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