“Tattoos: Not Just for Drunken Sailors Anymore!”

art price2On April 3 a conversation with Sandra Price was held at the Brooks Institute Screening Room, “Tattoos: Not Just for Drunken Sailors Anymore!” The conversation was held between Focus on the Masters (FOTM) volunteer (and executive assistant) Mary Galbraith and Sandra Price and took the audience to the colorful and fascinating world of Tattoos.

Sandra Price grew up around the world, a Navy “brat.”  Her Philippine father and Norwegian mother encouraged her interest in art and were supportive of her arts education, first at Ventura College, then at Pasadena College of Art & Design. She worked as an animator and was part of a team that won two Emmy awards.

art Price insetSandra Price is the owner and manager of White Lotus Body Arts in Ventura. Her life has taken her from Washington, DC to Iceland to California and points in between. For further information about FOTM go to www.focusonthemasters.com or 653-2501.

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