Vol. 9, No. 10 – February 17 – March 2, 2016 – City of Ventura Classes

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Call  658-4726 or 654-7552 to register, if you already have an ACTIVENET account online, visit www.cityofventura.net

Classes/Events held the Barranca Vista Center ~ 7050 Ralston Street in Ventura unless otherwise noted

Explore with Me  2.5-5 years
2/19-3/25         Friday              10:30-11 am    $60 for one adult & one child  #5487
Discover the world of art through the eyes of your child with such hands-on activities as sculpture, painting, collage, drawing and gardening. Instructor Jennifer Benitez

Pottery and Ceramic Hand Building  14 year-adult
2/17-3/23         Thursday         10 am-12 pm $105+$10 materials fee                      #5566
Students create their own ceramic art as they pinch, coil and use slab construction methods, glaze and decorate. Creativity and self-expression are encouraged. Instructor Kim Clarke.

Mindfulness for Abundant Creativity  18 years-adult
2/18-3/24         Thursday         7-8 pm                         $85      #5539
Learn Mindfulness meditation and release your inner artist using this open-focused method as you creatively record your experience of each session. Intermediate level prerequisite: experienced concentration meditator.

Drawing & Painting for Youth  8-18 years
2/18-3/17         Thursday         3:30-4:45 pm   $64      #5516
Explore relevant artists and their styles to create your own acrylic paintings and pencil and charcoal drawings. Instructor Catherine Broger.

Chakras 101  18 years-adult
2/21     Sunday                        1-3 pm                         $28      #5542
Chakras are energy receivers and givers in your body that greatly effect health, organ functions, emotions and cognitive functioning. Learn the signifi cance of the seven chakras and how to open them more fully. Concludes with a guided charka meditation you can practice at home. No meditation experience is needed.

Canine Body Language Seminar  18 years-adult
2/21     Sunday                        10 am-12 pm $20      #5722
Tail wagging doesn’t always mean “happy.” Learn to identify signs of anxiety versus playfulness as you open new lines of communication with your dog. No dogs at seminar, please. Instructor Registered Veterinary Technician Certifi ed Professional Dog Trainer Shannon Coyner. Classes held at the Ventura Pet Wellness Center, 3521 Arundel Cir. #B in Ventura.

The ABCs of Estate Planning  18 years-adult
2/27     Saturday         1-3 pm                         $25      #5718
Learn about wills, living trusts, planning for incapacity, the probate process and common pitfalls. Instructor Attorney Jef Coyner.

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