Ventura College Women’s Basketball honors “Favorite Teachers”

“This honor is particularly special, because the instructors were selected by the students,” said Larry Kennedy, Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) Board Trustee Stephen Blum and Chancellor Bernard Luskin joined Ventura College President Greg Gillespie to present the 2016 Favorite Teachers Awards on Saturday, January 16, with a ceremony at Ventura College. This is the 11th year the sophomore class of the women’s basketball team has chosen to honor their favorite teachers with an essay that expresses their gratitude and appreciation in their own way.  Including the 2016 honorees, a total of 62 instructors have been honored since the program was created by Head Coach Ned Mircetic.

Blum, Luskin, and Gillespie greeted the instructors and players at center court to present the awards and take pictures after the women’s basketball game with Allan Hancock College. Ventura College Dean and Athletic Director Will Cowen, president, Western State Conference, also participated in the presentation.

“This is an outstanding program and a testament to the integrity of our faculty at Ventura College,” said Luskin.

The following teachers were selected for the 2016 Favorite Teachers:

  1. Gary Amar, Speech – selected by Brooke Zamora
  2. Ken Drake, Business – selected by Tatum Maciel
  3. Liz Kraus, English – selected by Lexy Hinojosa
  4. Ty Gardner, Anatomy – selected by Felicia Magana
  5. Niki Milani, Psychology – selected Amani White
  6. Lauri Moore, Sociology – selected by Shiloh Smith
  7. Farzeen Nasri, Economics – selected by Makenna Murray
  8. Ted Press, Criminal Justice – selected by Marissa Hurtado
  9. Joey Ramirez, Health – selected by Aubri Smith
  10. Brent Wilson, Music – selected by Erin Ross

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