Vol. 9, No. 7 – January 6 – January 19, 2016 – City of Ventura Classes

City of Ventura Classes check out hundreds more on our web-site

Call  658-4726 or 654-7552 to register, if you already have an account online, visit www.cityofventura.net

Classes/Events held the Barranca Vista Center ~ 7050 Ralston Street in Ventura unless otherwise noted

Explore with Me  2.5-5 years
1/6-2/10           Wednesday      5:15-5:45 pm   $60 for one adult & one child   #42133
1/8-2/12           Friday               10:30-11 am     $60 for one adult & one child   #42134
Discover the world of art through the eyes of your child with such hands-on activities as sculpture, painting, collage, drawing and gardening. Instructor Jennifer Benitez.

Drawing & Painting for Youth  8-18 years
1/7-2/4             Thursday          3:30-4:45 pm   $64      #42141
Explore relevant artists and their styles to create your own acrylic paintings and pencil and charcoal drawings. Instructor Catherine Broger.

Primal Feat  18 years-adult
1/10     Sunday             4-5:30 pm        $15/session or $65/for 6 sessions         #42056
1/31     Sunday             4-5:30 pm        $15/session or $65/for 6 sessions         #5517
The body is meant to move! for this fun, intuitive experience we dance in our bare feet or soft dance shoes and comfy clothes. No dance partner or dance experience is required. Facebook.com/primalfeat. Instructor Liz Galvan. Classes held at 2343 E Thompson Blvd #A. To register 658-4726.

Cook With Me  2-5 years

1/16     Saturday           10:30 am-12 pm           $45
You and your child will create a toddler-friendly full course meal from drink, appetizer and main course to dessert! Explore different food textures in the kitchen. Your child will boost his or her confidence as he or she works on fine motor skills. Supplies included. Instructor Jennifer Benitez.

Floral Design Workshop  2-5 years
1/16     Saturday           1-3 pm             $45
Learn how to create stunning centerpieces with wild flowers or plants from your own yard using color, creativity and the therapeutic energy of flowers. Supplies included. Instructor Jennifer Benitez.

Basic Guitar  9 years-adult
1/19-2/23         Tuesdays          7-8:30 pm        $55      #5623
Learn folk and pop strums, patterns and chord progressions. Students provide own acoustic or electric guitars. Instructor Randy Covington. At Dudley House, 197 N Ashwood St. To register call (805) 658-4726.

Move Like The Animals  3-6 years
1/20-2/24         Wednesday      3:45-4:30 pm   $65      #5687
This program for boys and girls links motor learning to reading, singing and imagination and develops self-esteem through the fun and excitement of learning to walk like a bear, roll like a cat, crawl like an alligator, do many monkey things and more! Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Instructor Erin Clark. At Billy Clower Dance Studio, 75 MacMillan Avenue.

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