Car loses control and crashes into light pole

On Dec.19, at 12:54pm  a four door sedan was traveling West bound on Aurora, when for unknown reasons, it lost control and went head on into a light pole. The light pole fractured and came to rest on top of the vehicle.

The occupant, in his 70’s, experienced mild chest pain from the accident, and was in minimal distress. As firefighters approached the vehicle, they used an electric volt meter and determined that the pole was still energized with electricity and had the occupants stay in the vehicle while they performed an assessment.

Southern California Edison was summoned. Ventura Police performed traffic mitigation, isolation of the area, and performed a traffic investigation.

Edison workers terminated the electrical hazard and the patient was removed from the vehicle and further assessed. The patient was not transported to the hospital.

 All incidents involving energized powerlines should be approached with the utmost caution. If energized powerlines are on top of a vehicle, ensure all occupants stay in the car until the power can be controlled or carefully removed by fire personnel. 

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