Vol. 9, No. 6 – December 23, 2015 – January 5, 2016 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

11-29 10:20am, received a report of vandalism/burglary from an employee of the Ventura Harbor Marina. The victim filed an online report with VPD.

4:00pm, received a report of a missing person.  The male suffers from Alzheimers and was last seen near the Hats unlimited store in the village. Dockmaster was able to reunite the husband and wife after a short search.

11-30 7:20pm, received a dispatch to an unconscious person in the restrooms at 1500 Spinnaker drive.  Officers responded and woke up a transient who was sleeping and in no need of medical assistance.
 12-01 4:11pm, received a dispatch to a medical at the marina mobile home park.  Officers responded and assisted VFD with a patient who was transported to CMH for further evaluation of ongoing medical issues.   
12-03 12:45, received a dispatch to a decomposing body in the Surfline near Nathan Lane.  Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire with moving the body to the coroner’s vehicle.  The body is being examined to determine the identity.
12-04 1:05am, while on patrol, officers contacted a local transient illegally camping in his vehicle at the launch ramp.  The individual eventually left   
12-05 6:30am, officers observing large surf pounding the beaches surrounding the harbor.  Contacting small vessels at the launch ramp to ensure they are aware of the dangerous ocean conditions.

12:20pm, received a request for entrance conditions and safe navigation from the captain of a transient sailboat.  Officers responded in the fireboat, escorted the vessel safely into the Harbor for a berthing at the Ventura Yacht Club.

 12-06 6:01am, received a report of a commercial fishing vessel possibly taking on water in Ventura Harbor Village.  Officers responded and ascertained that the vessel was in no danger of sinking and was just normally low in the water.


12-07 7:30am, while on patrol, officers observed a small fire in the riverbottom and advised fire dispatch.  The fire was put out with the help of VFD.

9:00am, officers attending USLA lifeguard training put on by the Ventura County Fire Department at the Port District

 12-08 2:00pm, officers escorted a 34ft sailboat out of the Harbor due to the Hazardous conditions and lack of knowledge navigating the area.
12-09 10:55am, received a dispatch to a water rescue at Marina ParkOfficers responded and searched for the reported vessel capsizing with 3 persons onboard.  After an extensive search, officers were unable to locate a vessel or any victims and the person reporting was deemed an untrustworthy observer.

9:44pm, received a dispatch to a water rescue at Surfers Point, a woman was swept from the rocks.  Officers responded and the victim was located on the beach by Ventura FD.

12-10 11:08am, received a dispatch to a water rescue at Ventura Point.  Officers responded and the victim was assisted out of the water by State Parks.

11:53pm, received a request from Vessel Assist to standby at the Harbor Entrance due to extreme conditions.  Officers responded and escorted Vessel assist into the Harbor with dangerous conditions due to the wind and swell.

12-11 All day, officers were dealing with extreme weather and swell all day.  Some of the incidents: beach lots were closed after flooding occurred at Harbor Cove lot, officers were unable to respond to multiple water rescue calls due to hazardous sea conditions (the harbor entrance was closed), terminated the voyage of a small water skiing vessel attempting to navigate the extreme conditions and observing some of the strongest waves and wind of the year.

5:53pm, received a dispatch to a stroke victim at the Comedy Club.  Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire and AMR with the patient who was transported to local hospital for further evaluation.

12-12 All day, officers were assessing damage and generally cleaning up after the large swell and windstorm from Friday.



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