Vol. 9, No. 4 – November 25 – December 8, 2015 – Mailbox

Dear Sheldon,

I am a fairly new resident to Ventura and can’t tell you how inspired I feel living here: not just the beauty of it all, particularly the beach, but by the residents.

When I walk my dog, every day, at the beach by Marina Park, I am greeting by not only friendly people, –but people who have caused me to become a better citizen. These people take pride in their home and treat it as if it were their own personal beach. One man, Mo, brings a bag every day and does his own beach cleanup cheerfully and uncomplaining. Another woman, actually washes the pavement down and does major sweeping especially after a holiday weekend. The men whose job it is to maintain this area are not only friendly but do a tremendous job and seem to take pride in keeping this area pristine. I have seen them go above the call of duty to make this a wonderful area for everybody to enjoy.

Thank you fellow Venturans! You have taught me to do my part and you will see me with my bag each morning doing my small part to keep Ventura the very best place to live.

Maggie Wells

Ventura Breeze

Editorial (business article on Parts Unknown) looked great. We received some great comments from customers that read the article and came into the store. Thank you.

Thanks again.
Dan Scully

Hi Sheldon:

Thank you for the wonderful coverage in the Ventura breeze regarding the new CMH.  We all appreciate all that you do in letting  the good people of our town know what is happening at the hospital and our health system.

If you can update your information for the ER  private rooms it would be much appreciated we are very excited to now have 37 private rooms for ER in the new hospital.

Thanks again

Mary McCormick, Marketing Manager CMH
Mary: 37 is an amazing amount, just wonderful

opinion ortega

Dear Sheldon,

Which City Councilman is hiding there behind the Breeze during a break at the CAPS studio?

photo by George Ortega

I can’t even imagine, could it be Mike Tracy?


* * *

Do not express joy before one sick or in pain,
for that contrary passion will aggravate his misery.

~ 14-year old George Washington

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