Tech Today with Ken May – What to Look for when buying a computer-Part 2

by Ken May

  1. RAM isn’t just a type of goat

Just like the number of processor cores in a computer affects its speed and ability to multitask, the amount of Random Access Memory, or RAM, in a computer can affect just how much multitasking can go on. RAM is basically a small, extra-fast form of memory.

By having more RAM, your computer is able to keep more data close at hand, rather than having to go digging around through the slower hard drive for the information it needs. That’s why it’s useful to have more RAM if you want to keep multiple tasks going at the same time and be able to jump between them relatively quickly. If you’re also guilty of having too many web browser windows open at the same time, more RAM will make that a lot easier.

  1. Hard drives aren’t hard choices

Every computer needs data storage, and though that is where your hard drive comes in. There are typically a few different options in the search for a hard drive, but what it really comes down to is how you plan to use your computer.

If you plan to just have your computer and no peripherals, you may want to opt for the biggest hard drive you can. If you don’t plan to have many applications on your computer, and won’t store media on it, then you can opt for a smaller hard drive and save yourself some money. If you can handle a small hard drive but want to it be extra fast and you have the cash, consider going for a solid-state drive.

  1. Check your peripherals

The peripherals on your computer are going to be pretty specific to your needs, but there are plenty of them to be thinking about whether you’ll need them, and just how many of them you want. You may want ten USB ports but not have a care in the world about having a DVD drive. Your best bet is to decide what your needs are and follow that. There are different types of computers for different needs and I’m not just talking about PCs and Laptops! Industrial PCs are designed to be spillproof and last a long time, even though it is going to be heavily used. A supplier of Industrial computers are cksglobal, they sell fully customisable keyboards and mice to fit any business’ needs as well. Make sure you buy or build a computer suitiable for your needs as it will save you time and money in the future.

  1. Oh, so you want to get into PC gaming?

To play the latest games like league of legends, which many people get accounts for from websites similar to, with the graphics on high and keep a high frame-rate, you’ll be needing to look into a truly high-performance machine like an Acer Predator (check out this acer predator x34 review). Modern games take up a lot of space, so a big hard drive is a must – you’ll want it to be a fast drive, too. Running those games also takes a lot of processing power, so a heavy hitting processor will be important. You can do without too many cores in your processor if each is extra fast.

Unless you want to sputter out low-quality visuals on the newest games, you’ll need a dedicated graphics card – even games like Minecraft, which people consider as having bad graphics needs some decent hardware to run because of the sheer amount that needs rendering, especially if you’re on a multiplayer server where buildings and structures are usually more extravagant. (If you’re thinking of hosting a Minecraft server by the way, check out GG Servers [] for what they can do – their name is always floating around the airwaves in the Minecraft community) You can probably get by with something in the mid-range of graphics cards, but a high-end card is your best bet. Be sure to get plenty of VRAM on that card. When it comes down to making your pick, you’ll want to go with a card from Nvidia or AMD.

Thinking about anything other than Windows? Reconsider. Some games are made available for Mac and Linux, but there will be a great number of games unavailable to you if you aren’t running Windows.

Thinking about a laptop? Reconsider again. There is a premium to be paid for cramming high-end hardware into an extra small box, and a PC gaming rig requires a lot of high-end hardware. There are plenty of quality gaming laptops out there, but in most instances they will be far more expensive than an equal desktop. An added benefit of going with a desktop is that you will be able to swap out components, and upgrading to a new graphics card is much easier in a desktop.

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