Fire Department hosts National Fire Prevention Week

Fourth Graders taught fire safety at training grounds

On, October 13, and, October 14, as part of National Fire Prevention Week (Oct. 4-10), the Ventura City Fire Department and the Ventura Unified School District hosted two days of hands-on demonstrations, fire science and fire safety lessons for about 1,500 fourth-grade students, their parents and school staff at the Ventura City Fire Training Grounds. Fire safety is not just relevant for kids though. Even business owners could benefit from learning more about fire risk assessments. Fires are a deadly risk and if a business building doesn’t have the correct measures in place, deaths can happen. It is very saddening to learn that many don’t employ a fire guard at their commercial buildings. When it comes to learning about fire safety, it isn’t just homeowners who need to know this. Even if you own your own business, the idea of learning about the importance of Fire Door Installation, for example, could make your office a lot safer for yourself and the staff. Plus, it is always best to be safe than sorry.

Fire Chief David Endaya led the day’s activities. He spoke to the kids about fire prevention, what firefighters do in their daily jobs, and what it takes to become one.

youth fire daysThere were several demonstration areas at the facility, which is located at 765 S. Seaward Ave. at Alessandro Drive. One area included a simulated fire displaying how and why firefighters sometimes cut through the roofs of burning buildings.

This year’s National Fire Prevention Week focused on educating families about what causes home fires, how to prevent them, and what to do in an emergency situation. Fire prevention and safety was emphasized to the students so that they could take the information home to teach the whole family.

They were told that everyone in their families has a role to play in home’s fire safety. Both adults and kids should be familiar with smoke alarms and home fire escape planning. Ventura City Fire Department encourages you to visit to find in-depth information and tools that will make your home, your work, or your classroom a safer place.

Fires spread amazingly fast due to modern construction materials and synthetic based home furnishings. Sometimes the difference between life and death can be minutes, or even seconds. A little preparedness and prevention can go a long way toward keeping you and your loved ones safe in the event of a fire.

More emergency preparedness information is available at or visit and

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