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I always find it amusing that Christians try to claim a more just value system because it is “external” and “independent.” I suggest that anyone making this claim read up on the Council of Nicaea and the Apocrypha. The former was a group of men that decided that Jesus was divine and equal to God the father, creating the modern idea of the trinity. The latter is a group of biblical books thrown out of the official biblical canon. Independent indeed. The Islamic State also claims an independent and external source of values that makes it moral to wage Jihad.

If the Christians are going to claim an external source, they better get serious about following it to the letter. In the same book of the bible banning homosexuality, the following are also banned: Shaving facial hair, divorce, uncovered heads while worshiping, prayer in public, eating raw steak, and eating various types of seafood. Where are the protests over surf and turf and barber shops?

As an Atheist I have heard that I should be able to “rape and murder all I want.” The fact is that I do rape and murder all I want, and that amount is zero. The amount most people want is zero. Humans have evolved a value system to get along with each other, and groups not familiar with the bible are getting along just fine.

Joey Waltz, Ventura



I am very concerned for the residents that walk the bike path in the morning. They are mainly young women with babies in strollers and retired folks like me. Having all these lowlifes hanging around the promenade/bike path to me is a real problem. Something has to be done to clean up the beach front. There is simply no excuse.

Murray Robertson (A retired old folk)
A Very Concerned Ventura Resident



I refer to Jill Foreman’s article about “Maria’s” story which appeared in your July 22 edition. Ms. Foreman is board member of “Ventura Homeless Prevention, Inc.,” or HPF. While I was genuinely moved by and it’s “feel good” ending, sadly, there are many of us whose interaction with HPF in the face of impending catastrophe was surpassingly unhelpful and callous. I should know. My own experience is one of those.

I am a married 62 year-old-man with a disabling heart condition and severe arteriosclerosis disease. My income is limited to Social Security Disability benefits only. In July, I found myself one-month behind in my rent and facing imminent eviction. I reached out to HPF for $1100 in one-time rental assistance to pay the amount and stop the eviction. I had no other resources or recourse. HPF was for us a measure of last resort, really of final resort. It’s the last stop before the streets, literally, as it was for us.

Unlike Maria, when I showed up at HPF’s downtown offices at the Ventura Salvation Army complex on 155 S Oak Street, I was treated in a humiliating way. I waited for an HPF person behind locked, wrought iron bars. When an HPF intake person finally came out, I stated my very personal business from the street behind the bars. I tried to state my need but was cut off almost immediately. The HPF person rudely interrupted me and said: “I have no money for you.” Stunned and nonplussed, the most I could say was “okay.” She then turned her back to me and re-entered her office. Nobody asked for my telephone number or address. My interaction with HPF was profoundly disturbing.

Bobby H


All I hear about is that we have a water drought problem. The solution is to not to use water!!!. Is that really a solution? If we had a health problem would a solution be to isolate everyone from each other? The solution would be to find a way to solve the problem. The solution to the drought problem is to produce rain. Now how can we produce rain? Easy, by cloud seeding !!!. Precipitation enchancement, commonly called “cloud seeding articially stimulates clouds to produce more rainfall or snow-fall, California has done cloud seeding in the 1950 through 1980’s. A report written in the California State Water Plan Update 2005 Volume 2, Chapter 14 Title Precipitation Enhancement indicates the benefits from cloud seeding. It is cheap to do, Costs for cloud seeding generally would be less than $20 per acre-foot per year. Safe It is environmental safe, The projects use silver iodide as the active cloud seeding agent, supplemented by dry ice if aerial seeding is done The potential for eventual toxic effects of silver has not been shown to be a problem, We have plenty of clouds over California so I ask why are we not cloud seeding??

Dr. Roland Handy

Answer In A Breeze

The Time Warner Co. is digging Telegraph and Dunning to connect St. Bonaventure High to fiber optic networks. They say they already serve the church and presumably the hospital. The presence and absence of the fiber optics in various neighborhoods can affect the decision by an employer to locate there. It would be an interesting read to find out more and about where it is and isn’t in town.


Kioren Moss, MAI

A: We really don’t have any plans for future fiber optic lines that are pursed by the city and public funding since this is mostly generated by private companies. Therefore, we just react to requests from communication companies regarding impacts to public streets and right of way to put these facilities in. From a pure business standpoint in our City, I’ve heard there is a need for faster internet service that fiber optics can provide.

So if you want to discuss how the City works with these companies to facilitate their infrastructure with the least impact on the community, then please contact me. If you want to discuss how the City would encourage enhanced internet service for our business community, you should probably contact our Economic Development Manager, Leigh Eisen.

Rick Raives ([email protected])
Public Works Director City of Ventura

If you have a question you would like answered send it to [email protected] and we will try to get an answer for you.




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