The Ventura creature

After Pope Francis announced that he would canonize Father Junipero Serra it turned out that Serra is a very controversial person and there are many who object to him becoming a Saint.
In order for this not to become a controversy in Ventura the City Council has replaced his statue, located across from City Hall with this statue of Ventress The Ventura Pier Creature . This sea creature was first reported and named in the Ventura Breeze.

stuff monster statueThe Ventura creature

By Tanner and Kai

An amazing sight was to be seen
The most exciting, indeed, of the whole year
A sea creature who sometimes is seen
In the waters near the Ventura Pier

Came out of the sea, ashore, as you can see
In the fabulous photo of the two in the Breeze
To have her baby did this creature dear
Sweet Sea Monster Dee

A wonder I’m sure to never see again I fear
For soon back out to sea she will be
Sweet Sea Monster Dee
And her baby boy Driftwood Lee



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