Vol. 8, No. 24 – September 2 – September 15, 2015 – Mailbox

Dear Sheldon,

Thanks for staying with the philosophical discussion that readers are interested in thinking about…that’s the start.  But I would like to suggest that the world’s biggest problem (the elephant in the room) is “overpopulation”… too many people on the planet.   Or is our earth too small for the needs or wants of the human species?

Suzanna Ballmer


Response to Letter by Vaughn

I appreciate Robert Vaughn’s response to my letter citing statistics for atheists in prison and asking who is more moral an atheist who does good because he perceives it right or someone who believes in God and does right to avoid going to hell.  The statistics cited are misleading since are based on tabulations of categories such as “atheist” by itself but exclude categories such as “refuses to state”, “other”, etc. A more meaningful comparison would be based on defining those whose actions are directly influenced by their beliefs.   I certainly believe an atheist can be as good a person as a believer in God. The point that I was making was that a person who believes in God has independent documentation outside himself which defines what is right and wrong. An atheist does not have an external guide to right and wrong. When Mr. Vaughn cites he is doing “good”, I would ask where does he go to define what is good besides the penal code. My original letter was written in rebuttal to the suggestion that Supreme Court Justices be atheists because the atheist lacks an external source of guidance of right and wrong(morality)  independent of himself.

John Ferritto


Hopefully, my letter to the editor (in previous Breeze)ref “beach open spaces” will stir some interest….that and my weekly email harassment of the City and VPD related to the state of affairs on the beachfront (especially the promenade).  My photos paint a pretty ugly picture of what tourists see when they come of our fair city.  Actually the Harbor, Keys and Pierpont are greatly improved but the promenade not only has vagrants but some pretty sketchy lowlife gangsters.  I am still waiting for the City and Kevin Clerici to get serious about the promenade.  I have talked to the Manager and Events Coordinator at the Crown Plaza, they have nothing good to say about the City’s handling of the promenade.  They and their customers probably suffer the most from this lack of attention.

George Robertson-Pierpont


I am a frequent letter writer to newspapers, but have had only 6 published in the Ventura Star.  It seems as if they won’t print anything criticizing the City or Government.

On or about July 2010, the Ventura County Medical Center was nominated as the Trauma Center for the West County.  St. John’s Hospital was the other applicant.  Notwithstanding the need for a Trauma Center, I can see no references regarding the environmental impact of ambulance noise. I have not been able to obtain the Minutes of any City or County Meetings about this decision. I also saw no calls for Public Comment.

The noise generated by the sirens is unbearable to many residents who live on telegraph Road, and nearby for 2 to 3 blocks from these streets. I am routinely woken up after 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. by the noise. I have counted houses close to these streets, and I estimate that over 100 homes are affected. This means at least 300 citizens. The route via Seaward Avenue is much shorter and exposes fewer homes to the noise. Furthermore the value of my home is impacted.

I have not seen or heard of any discussions relating to this. The choice of St. John’s Hospital would have been by far the best choice.

It would be extremely difficult to serve a class action suit against the County, with enormous legal fees. However, I will attempt to deliver a complaint to the County, hopefully signed by over 100 citizens. The County has a history of ignoring home owners. For example building a 6 story building on the campus.

Jeff Smith

Jeff: Now you have had one published in the Ventura Breeze. Five more to go.


A ship of fools America is not, but when money is allowed to tether a skipper’s hands from talking with an independent wisdom the gales of corruption and not the set of sails will take the vessel to more Iraq’s. There may be time yet to put our ship of state in order and on the course of its designed purpose. When our Congress hasn’t the character and integrity to purge the crippling political money buying evil, however, be prepared to kiss America’s experiment in democracy goodbye.

John A. Whelan

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