Vol. 8, No. 23 – August 19 – September 1, 2015 – Mailbox

Bill Green
In the last issue you had a cartoon with Jewish Pirate saying “Ahoy Vay”. I don’t get it.
Stan Davis

In  Yiddish “oy vey” (I spelled it vay so folks like you would pronounce it correctly)is short for “Oy vey iz mir,” Oh, woe is me! You need to get more Jewish friends.

Regarding your comments on our drought I think that you have been hit too many times in the head by a tennis ball so are not thinking correctly. You ignore all of the evidence that there is a drought.
John Griffin

John: The only time I am hit playing tennis is when I hit my shin sometimes when serving. Maybe I think with my shins so you might be correct.


Obama Care Supreme Court Ruling. Had this been an insurance contract matter, Don’t think for a moment, that that it would not have been “rescinded” (made null and void) for mis-representation.   I sincerely hope we can come up with something better.
Mike Merewether

Mike: Do you mean something better than the Supreme Court?


I agree with what Council Member Weir has said all along…fill the open spaces with wholesome activities and the lowlifes (my word not hers) will go elsewhere.  And she is right on target.   Ventura’s greatest asset is its beachfront.  And we should keep it free of undesirables so that tourists will want to come here.  To me this requires, the VPD patrolling the beachfront from the harbor to the Ventura RV Beach Resort on bikes (like I do).  Plus the City and tourist bureau should go out of its way to promote healthy family oriented events.  Additionally, Ventura should think about drawing more volleyball players to our beaches.  Setting up the courts is a minor expense (only a few thousand dollars) and volleyball is being played in the schools throughout Ventura County by both boys and girls.  Note that the South Bay has volleyball courts stretching from the Pacific Palisades to Palos Verdes plus the Santa Barbara beaches are filled with them.  Why is Ventura missing the boat?

George Robertson-Ventura



Kudos on your suggestion for NASA; great idea. How about posting the actual income and expenses of the Valero Energy Corp? I do hope county of Los Angeles $275,000 program works if so it could be a precursor for the rest of us. Hard to imagine it could work , but one has to try something.

Jude in Oak View



Ventura Breeze

In your last issue you had a letter from John Ferritto regarding atheists that said, in part “I hope there is a God because without one there is no absolute hope, truth, and goodness.” So I researched Federal prison inmates and found that 99.05% believe in god and .05% are atheists, just thought that everyone should know that .

And who is more moral someone who does good because they know it is right or someone who does good because they are afraid of going to hell?

Robert Vaughn-Ventura

Dear Sheldon:

Imagine my surprise when I went shopping for a waterless car wash product (e.g. Eco Green, and there are other brands) to get my car clean and avoid wasting water and found none!  Not one auto supply store carries such items, nor do the automotive departments in stores like Target, Wal-Mart, et al.  What’s wrong with this picture?  In California, we need our cars, want to keep them reasonably clean, and yet we do not have access to the products that can help us.  I urge your readers to rally round this problem and help bring waterless car wash products into stores in Ventura. Perhaps this issue warrants its own awareness-raising article in your fine publication.

Many thanks, and regards to Scamp.

Judy Cohen


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