Local CEO receives highest honor and prestigious award

Jeffrey Rosenthal, joins an elite group of 25 members, having received YPO-WPO’s highest honor and most prestigious award, The Hickok Distinguished Service Award, at the recent Global EDGE conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Jeffrey Rosenthal, Chairman and CEO of Southern California-based companies, Rose Investments, Rose Advertising, StarKart, and the NALA, was recently recognized with the highest honor from YPO-WPO, as a member who embodies YPO founder Ray Hickok’s dedication to the organization.  Jeffrey Rosenthal’s passion for the last fourteen years has been the pursuit of cultivating personal relationships and connections globally, by creating a network platform within the organization to help his fellow YPO-WPO members do the same.

Initially Rosenthal’s team created sixty networks based on the common interests of their membership: twenty business, twenty personal and twenty social enterprise networks.  When Jeffrey left the YPO-WPO International Board as Network’s Chair in 2009, there were network officers in seventy-five percent of all YPO chapters, and seventy percent of the members globally who had joined the network platform.

Last year, Jeffrey hosted the largest gathering of YPO-WPO members in history, serving as Host-City Chair for 3500 chief executives from around the world at the Los Angeles Global Leadership Conference “Chief executives and presidents from over 3000 companies throughout 125 countries share experiences,” said Rosenthal.  “YPO-WPO’s mission is, “Better leaders through education and idea exchange,” and this is exactly what we hoped to have accomplished at our LA GLC.”

Originally, Jeffrey created concepts for local grocery store advertising over thirty years ago, and was instrumental in forging the path of the “local advertising” industry.  Rosenthal has always had a unique understanding of the needs of small and medium businesses.  He is the CEO of Rose Investments, which invests in private equity and the founder of StarKart and the NALA. StarKart is the largest advertising network for grocery cart advertising and the NALA, is a full-service digital marketing agency for small and medium businesses, both throughout the United States and Canada.

The NALA consults with each individual business and develops a strategy based on the business’ unique advertising and marketing needs. Clients’ campaigns focus on providing good web content which include services such as news releases, online advertising, social media, blogs, website development, and charity co-branding, among others. For more information, please visit thenala.com.

NALA is a proud advertiser in the Ventura Breeze.

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