Surfers’ Point Phase II

The next stage of the managed retreat project is set to commence construction after Labor Day 2024, staying on schedule.

The California Coastal Conservancy board allocated $16.2 million on June 1, 2023, toward Phase 2 of the Managed Retreat project at Surfers’ Point. This initiative addresses sea level rise by relocating existing infrastructure inland and enhancing beach dune habitat.

Phase 1, operational for over a decade, has proven effective in safeguarding our coastline and infrastructure. Phase II will align the bike path with newer sections farther from the ocean, enhancing protective dunes. Parking will be realigned accordingly.

Since 1991, the Ventura County Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation has championed this project as a solution to coastal erosion. It has become a national model for managed coastal retreat, showcasing Ventura’s success.

Detailed plans for Phase II, available on the city’s website, include the removal of damaged coastal structures, replacement with dunes and native plants, and the installation of a buried cobble berm to protect City and Fairgrounds infrastructure. The project will feature a new multi-use path, parking lot with attendant station, public art installations, new lighting, drainage improvements, landscaping, and electric vehicle charging stations.

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