Vol. 17, No. 20 – June 26 – July 9, 2024 – Police Reports

On 6/15/24 starting at 2223 hours, the Ventura Police Department received multiple calls related to a group of juveniles disturbing while riding electric bicycles (e-bikes) on the west end of the city. At 2223 hours, the juveniles were reported to have attacked a 66-year-old homeless woman by stepping on her and kicking her while she was laying in a sleeping bag near the intersection of Main Street and Peking Street. A second adult, female victim near the same location reported that the juveniles had thrown rocks at her, and she was struck by a small rock. At 2234 hours, another caller reported a group of juveniles (believed to be the same group) was disturbing while riding e- bikes near the Crown Plaza Hotel. The group was reportedly spitting at people as they passed on their bikes.

While Ventura Police Officers were speaking with the victims near Peking Street and Main Street, the juveniles returned to the area on the e-bikes and the victim pointed them out to officers. When the juveniles saw the police officers they quickly began to ride away. Officers successfully detained two juveniles, a 13-year-old male e-bike rider and his juvenile female companion who was riding on the back of the bike. The other juveniles fled from the area and have not been identified. The 13-year-old male was identified as one of the juveniles who threw a rock at a victim. He was arrested for battery and later released to his mother.

The investigation into these cases is ongoing. The juveniles who attacked the elderly homeless woman have yet to be identified. If you have any information about their identity or were a witness to these crimes, please contact the Ventura Police Department at 805-650-8010.

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