Vol. 17, No. 20 – June 26 – July 9, 2024 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednesday 6/12

1:45pm, dispatched to a boat fire in the Ventura Boatyard. Officers responded in the Fireboat, fortunately it was a false alarm, cancelled en route.

6:28pm, dispatched to a fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VFD / AMR to assist the patient with treatment & assessment.

9:23pm, dispatched to a possible pier jumper at Ventura Pier. Officers responded in Fireboat but the subject was apprehended by police at end of pier.

Thursday 6/13

10:00am, Ventura City and Ventura County firefighters utilizing Ventura Port District facilities for Water Rescue watercraft training. Officers participating.

4:15pm, received report of a dog locked in a vehicle at launch ramp. Officers responded, found the vehicle, the dog was inside but the owner was also inside.

5:09pm, dispatched to Ocean Rescue, surfer in distress at South Jetty. Officers responded in Fireboat to assist State Parks. Patient was safely brought to shore.

7:13pm, received a call from a disabled electric boat in the keys by big beach. Officers responding in Fireboat to assist. Towed vessel to their dock in the keys.

Friday 6/14

6:15am, observed NWS issued a Small Craft Advisory, raised warning pennant.

12:35pm, received report of a child locked in a vehicle in the village. Officers responded and found Ventura PD on scene, they were handling the call.

Saturday 6/15

6:15am, observed NWS issued Gale Warning, raised warning pennants.

6:42am, received request for water quality results. Looked up testing on Ventura County website. Only Rincon and La Conchita tested below threshold.

9:30am, while on patrol in Rescue Boat 19, observed individuals bowriding on a small vessel in the South Basin of Harbor, issued warning to the skipper.

1:15pm, received report of a dog locked in a vehicle in the village. Officers investigated, found the vehicle with windows down and dog not in distress.

Sunday 6/16

6:19am, observed weather service issued a Gale Warning, raised pennants.

10:35am, dispatched to a water rescue at the South Jetty, 4 swimmers caught in a rip current. Officers responded in Fireboat and Rescue Watercraft to assist victims. The RWC was able to pull three of the victims onto the ski and sled and transport them safely to the beach. 4th victim climbed out of the water onto the jetty. VFD / State Parks, were able to assess patients on the beach.

7:13pm, received report of a fuel sheen near VWM B-dock. Officers responded in Rescue Boat19 to investigate. Upon arriving on scene, a rainbow sheen was found in the area report, it was breaking up, unretrievable. No source found.

Monday 6/17

6:20am, once again, NWS issued Gale warning for NW winds gusting to 35kts in the Western Portion of the Santa Barbara Channel. Pennants raised.

7:45pm, dispatched to an Ocean Rescue, surfer in distress in front of State Parks HQ. Officers responded in Fireboat to assist, victim made it to shore safely.

Tuesday 6/18

6:05am, finally, NWS took down Wind Advisories for calmer conditions.

5:30pm, while on patrol, observed a broken water pipe near the entrance to the Port District parking lot. Officers were able to find the turn off valve, closing it.

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