Museum Celebrates New Exhibition Openings

Maria Adela Diaz. Image by Sheldon Brown

Image by Janie Tran

The Exhibition Opening event on June 8 was a celebratory evening unveiling the Museum of Ventura County’s two new exhibitions: Masters from the Museum of Ventura County Collection and InnoVision: Ventura County Artists to Watch! These unique and innovative art exhibitions showcase the past, present, and future of art in Ventura County. 

Masters from the Museum of Ventura County Collection celebrates the extraordinary artistic legacy of seven artists who have significantly shaped Ventura County’s art history and achieved international acclaim. This showcase displays the dynamic range of talent within our county, from Jessie Arms Botke’s turn-of-the-century paintings that synthesize various artistic influences, to Omar D’León’s vibrant cross-hatching techniques, to Hiroko Yoshimoto’s intimate connection with nature, to the innovative ceramic glazing techniques of Beatrice Wood and Vivika, Otto Heino and Cheryl Ann Thomas (runs through Jan. 5, 2025).

Artist Jasmine Delgado. Image by Sheldon Brown

Artists included in the exhibition: Jessie Arms Botke / Omar D’León / Otto Heino / Vivika Heino /Cheryl Ann Thomas / Beatrice Wood / Hiroko Yoshimoto.  

InnoVision: Ventura County Artists to Watch 

Celebrates the innovation and the artistic spirit of Ventura County. This interactive exhibition highlights the work of nine Ventura County artists. Through their innovative use of common materials, they create installations that reflect their personal views on current issues such as the environment, immigration, identity, the housing shortage, and changing land usage in Ventura County. Embracing core values of inclusivity, boldness, empathy, and integrity, this is more than an art exhibition; it is a reflection of Ventura County, a community with vigor and creativity. Featuring the works of nine artists, it serves as a testament to the museum’s commitment to showcasing diverse artistic practices and artists who are innovating in their respective fields (runs through May 11, 2025).

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Artist Clark Song. Image by Sheldon Brown
Artist Jasmine Delgado. Image by Sheldon Brown
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