Vol. 17, No. 18 – May 29 – June 11, 2024 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday, 5/14
12:26pm – Briefing with Fish & Wildlife officers regarding their vessel at the
patrol dock. The vessel is taking on water, working to mitigate the source.

Wednesday, 5/15
3:27pm – Officers checking in on Rescue Boat 19 at the Ventura Boatyard. The
vessel was taken out of service because of a strong odor of gasoline in the bilges.
A new gas tank was recently put in and mechanics were inspecting the work.

Thursday, 5/16
4:00pm- Dispatched to an Ocean Rescue, a kite surfer in distress at Surfers point.
Officers responded in the Fireboat to the call. Once on scene, officers assisted
two State Parks Lifeguards with transporting the victim to the shore.

4:55pm – Picked up Rescue Boat 19 at the boatyard. While conducting a sea trial
the engines stalled. Officers responded in the Fireboat to tow the vessel at the
Harbor Entrance, but the problem was corrected, and the vessel continued.

9:00pm – City and Ventura Pure Water construction will do major work at the
intersection of Schooner/Anchors Way to repair a broken water main.

11:55pm – While on patrol in the truck, observed a 15ft broken pier pilling that
was erected near the shore at Harbor Cove. Officers removed the hazard.

Friday, 5/17
8:00am – Observed a brown Suburban that normally parks in Surfers Knoll and is
the cause of daily complaints, driving erratically and dangerously on Spinnaker
Drive. Officers relayed information to Ventura PD dispatch.

2:58pm – Dispatched to an assault at Anchors Way/Schooner intersection.
Officers responded with VPD, patient refused assistance, VPD took over call.

5:26pm – Dispatched to chest pain in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers
responded with VFD/AMR to assist the patient with assessment.

Saturday, 5/18
7:46am – Dispatched to difficulty breathing at the Harbortown timeshare.
Officers responded on foot to the room. Treatment was provided to the patient.

8:33am – Officers creating temporary launch ramp parking permits for the United
States coast guard auxiliary to hand out to skippers willing to let them conduct
an informational safety inspection of their vessel before they depart.

9:52am – Dispatched to cardiac arrest initially in the water near VWM. Officers
responded in the truck and Fireboat. After arriving on scene, the victim had
fallen off their boat last night, and unfortunately resuscitation was not possible.

1:51pm – Observed a “boat club” vessel speeding/waking in the main channel of
the harbor. Contacted via VHF16, gained compliance for the violation.

2:05pm – Received request for a tow from a disabled motor vessel near the #4
buoy outside the harbor. Officers responded in Rescue B19, passed tow line and
towed the vessel into the harbor, where TowBoat US took over in a side-tie.

Sunday, 5/19
8:10am – Received request to open gate at end of Spinnaker for canoe club.

1:21pm -Dispatched to an unconscious person in the Ventura Marina
Community. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to assist with the patient.

Monday, 5/20
7:00am – Contracted company conducting sand removal at Harbor Cove after
Coastal Commission permit approved for the work.

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