Vol. 17, No. 17 – May 15 – May 28, 2024 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednesday 4/24 6:50am, officers assisting Ventura PD with cleanup and removal of transient items: tents/popups/everything-under-the-sun in the Arundo near Surfers Knoll. 
Thursday 4/25 9:50am, observed a section of dock adrift near the breakwall. Determined it came from the dock renovation at Ventura Yacht Club, workers retrieved it.

3:30pm, received report of Island Packers vessel “Island Adventure” inbound disabled with one engine. Officers aboard Fireboat 1 provided escort to slip.    

Friday 4/26 5:30am, observed Gale Warning issued by NWS, raised warning pennants.

11:00am, officers on patrol assisted CIMWI with capturing an injured pelican near the Santa Clara Rivermouth.  The bird was taken to be rehabilitated.

1:20pm, received a severe weather warning call from NWS.  They advised Gale force winds near the Harbor Entrance of gusts at 45 knots, wind waves 8 feet.

2:00pm, officers giving a presentation of Patrol Vessels and Vehicle to a large group of children from the Boys and Girls club.

Saturday 4/27 1:25am, dispatched to a fall patient at Ventura Marina Community.  Officers responded with AMR/VFD to assist with the patient.

6:40am, observed NWS issued a Gale Warning, raised warning pennants.

12:25pm, received a report of a man with a gun by the Harbor Mart in the Portside complex.  Officers contacted VPD and advised, they were UTL.  

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