Vol. 17, No. 16 – May 1 – May 14, 2024 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 4/10

3:16pm, received request for information about the research vessel “Danny C” working on pipelines near the Patrol Dock. Officers advised they were diving on pipelines running from Marina Park to the Port District parking lot.

Thursday 4/11

2:30pm, while on patrol in the Fireboat, officers checking on a commercial vessel taking on water in the past during rain events. No issues found.

Friday 4/12

11:01am, officers aboard Fireboat conducting traffic control for Manson Construction removing equipment from the main channel.

11:33am, received report of a small vessel near the Ventura Pier with no POB’s. Lifeguards observed someone paddle away from the vessel. Officers responded, found the vessel anchored and the surfer returned during investigation.

Saturday 4/13

2:50am, received report of a sealion pup on the promenade near the Greek restaurant. Advised to leave alone, officers will monitor, contact CIMWI.

7:15am, investigating sealion pup on promenade, contacted CIMWI (channel islands marine wildlife institute). Representative arrived, officers assisted with capturing and loading the mammal into the rescue crate and vehicle.

Sunday 4/14

10:15am, patrol officer supervisors training with online video modules.

3:30pm, received report of a capsized sailboat near the Ventura Pier from an individual walking around the Botanical Gardens on hill in Ventura. Officers responded in the Fireboat to investigate. Nothing was found, only a SUP surfer.

9:05pm, received request to search all electric boats operating in Ventura Harbor because the caller believes their iPhone is on one of them. To the callers’ chagrin, advised to call back later in the week to see if the phone is turned in.

Wednes 4/17 3:53pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers observed a large tire near the Santa Clara Rivermouth. It was picked up and placed in the roll-out dumpster.
Thursday 4/18 3:42am, dispatched to 1215 Anchors Way for a 79 y/o female with severe pain. Officers responded with AMR/VFD to assist with the patient.

2:45pm, received a request for an annual parking permit for the Launch Ramp. Officers returned from patrol and assisted the individual with issuing a permit.

Friday 4/19

7:40am, officers in RB19 providing traffic control for Manson construction pulling sand replenishment pipe off the beach and towing to Oceanside harbor.

Saturday 4/20

9:33am, received report of an overdue 42 ft Beneteau sailboat, officers advised the reporting party to contact US coast guard for such calls.

10:30am, received request from US coast guard to check the slip of the overdue 42ft sailboat. Officers responded in vehicle, checked the slip, no vessel in the slip, contacted US coast guard and they advised the vessel was located at smugglers cove Santa Cruz Island safely anchored and in no distress.

Sunday 4/21

6:35am, received a request for a tow from a disabled vessel at the harbor entrance. Officers responded, towed the vessel to the launch ramp.

2:20pm, dispatched to Ocean Rescue four swimmers in distress near the South Jetty. Officers responded by land and sea to the call. The officers in the vehicle assisted three swimmers near shoreline, began assessments for aspirated sea water with AMR/VFD. Officers aboard Rescue B19 deployed a rescue swimmer to pull an unconscious victim from the water, later transported to hospital by AMR for further evaluation.

8:30pm, received report that the South Jetty red aid-to-navigation (ATON) light is extinguished. Officers contacted US coast guard and advised of the hazard.

Monday 4/22

8:40am, officers replacing ATON buoys P, #8, #13 and #14 on station with Fireboat 1 after Manson Construction replenishment dredging completed.

10:45am, received report of vessel accident, commercial FV colliding with the fish offloading pier. Officers responded and are investigating the incident.

1:50pm, dispatched to a K9 swept across the Santa Clara River breech. Officers responded, deployed rescue swimmer, rescued then returned dog to owner.

Tuesday 4/23

11:42am, dispatched to medical in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with AMR/VFD to the call to assist with 79 y/o female.

4:07pm, dispatched to an ill person near 1431 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded with VFD Squad 2/AMR to assist with the patient.

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