CSFM Rope Rescue Technician course

The class consisted of an exceptional group of students and instructors.

by Patricia Schallert

From April 15 – 19, the Ventura City Fire Department put 17 students through the CSFM Rope Rescue Technician course at the Ventura Botanical Gardens. This course, which is the second in a series, builds upon the students’ existing skills and focuses on the art of rope-based rescue. Throughout the training, the students and instructors were immersed in intricate scenarios, and were challenged with advanced techniques in order to execute successful rescues.

The training provided to the students was far from restrictive, preparing them for a diverse range of rescue scenarios. Engineer Eric Caddock, from Ventura Fire Station 5C, expressed his thoughts on the matter. He emphasized that “the expertise of the Ventura Fire Department extends beyond the confines of a single environment.”

Eric added, “Training covers a wide array of settings, from challenging industrial landscapes featuring cranes and towers, to the natural hillsides, deep valleys, and barrancas. “Our firefighters are equipped with the necessary skills to rescue individuals who find themselves stranded on steep slopes in hiking parks”. Additionally, we devote our efforts to aiding those whose vehicles have encountered mishaps down embankments, necessitating the use of a robust rope system to safely retrieve them.” It’s quite incredible to note that VFD has even conducted rescues from the heights of a crane ride at the Ventura County Fair!

The class consisted of an exceptional group of students and instructors belonging to the esteemed California Regional Task Force 7. Comprised of the courageous firefighters of Ventura City Fire Department, Ventura County Fire Department, and Oxnard Fire Department, this task force tackles the most challenging urban search and rescue missions across the state of California.

With the generous support of federal grant funding and the cooperation of agencies within Regional Task Force 7, VFD is able to provide this valuable training. While  firefighters already train extensively every day to handle a variety of emergency situations, this specific course spanned a duration of 5 days.  The skills acquired by the students during this intensive program will continue to be honed and utilized throughout their entire careers.

Under the guidance of the remarkable Firefighter Miguel Martinez, students learned the crucial role of guiding and tending to the basket. Miguel’s expertise ensured that the basket remained free from any obstacles and the safety of the victim was prioritized at all times.

These words from Eric Caddock, Engineer from Ventura Fire Station Fire Station “The extensive training and capabilities of the Ventura Fire Department. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, they consistently rise to the occasion, providing invaluable aid and support in a variety of challenging situations.”

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