Vol. 17, No. 15 – April 17 – April 30, 2024 – Movie Review

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Many people have the experience of hearing a song that takes them back to the past, but for Harriet (Lucy Boynton) this became her reality. Since the death of her boyfriend Max two years earlier, every time Harriet heard a song relating to their relationship she literally traveled back in time where she tried desperately but unsuccessfully to change the events that led to his death. When triggered Harriet would fall unconscious, so had to wear headphones when out in public.

Harriet’s friend Morris (Austin Crute) worked at a record store where Harriet could safely search through albums looking to find the song that would allow her to save Max in the past. To help cope with the tragic loss of her boyfriend from a car accident they were both in, Harriet was attending a grief support group but was generally just as an observer. A new guy named David (Justin Min) joined the group and Harriet gave him an invite to a fundraiser for Morris’ record store.

David did show and when chatting with Harriet looking over album covers he said “I love how music can pull you back to some moment in time” which was the sentiment Harriet was actually living. David found an album to buy, but Harriet also wanted it so they jokingly agreed to joint custody of the record with David agreeing to call her for details if she would give him her number. Then Harriet returned to her apartment to continue listening to albums in search of rescuing Max.

David called and asked Harriet to meet for coffee and she shared she needed to wear headphones due to a medical issue. She explained she lost her boyfriend and just couldn’t seem to get herself back together. David’s parents passed months apart, but unfortunately when sharing the music from her headphones Harriet heard familiar music from the street and slipped into the past. She retreated to the bathroom for a bit to recover, then walked out while David sat confused.

Harriet called David and asked if she could make up for the coffee shop by inviting him to a dance party hosted by Morris. Harriet knew it would be a safe place where she could have her headphones off because Morris was sensitive to the songs that triggered her time travel. When David asked how she could only be without headphones at record store fundraisers and drag queen dance parties, she simply said she was just haunted by music.

At the next grief support meeting, David invited Harriet out for a drive in his convertible but a song came on the radio and she had an episode. Once she recovered Harriet explained she got a traumatic brain injury leaving her in a coma for a week after the accident, and after waking she found she traveled to the past whenever hearing a song related to her boyfriend. She told David the whole situation, but it all seemed too much for him and he left.

Harriet reached out to David who gave things another try by surprising Harriet by taking her to a silent rave on the top of a building in the middle of the city. Afterwards David decided to share some of his life by bringing Harriet to the family thrift store. As it turns out, Harriet had seen David before, the day of the car accident at the thrift store they visited just before, though she didn’t have any interaction with him, just observed a brief conversation between David and his mother.

In a stack of records in the shop Harriet found the one she was looking for that was playing the day of the accident. David said he didn’t believe the time travel stuff, but Harriet was actually able to prove to him she saw him the day of the accident. This reality brought the opportunity for Harriet to save Max, but it would mean erasing her past with Max and her present with David.

Runtime: 1h 34m

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