Vol. 17, No. 15 – April 17 – April 30, 2024 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 3/27

9:05pm, observed the Manson Dredge in the A-basin of the harbor conducting “beneficial reuse” of sediment to replenish harbor and beaches downcoast.

Thursday 3/28

3:12pm, received report of a Hazard to Navigation in the keys. Officers responded in Rescue B19 and removed a 20ft long garden hose floating in basin.

6:34pm, received report of a female screaming near VHV C-dock. Officers responded, found the female transient as reported, escorted her to Harbor Blvd.

Friday 3/29

4:07am, dispatched to a fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded, assisted the patient up off floor, no injuries were sustained.

3:20pm, received report of illegal fishing at Pond in Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and removed the young men from the park.

Saturday 3/30

9:33am, officers cleaning, relocating equipment in preparation for their Boat House remodel and rebuilding beginning next week.

2:09pm, while on patrol, observed 5mph buoy in the A-basin off station. Officers towed it back to its position, moved during dredging.

Sunday 3/31

12:32am, dispatched to 99 y/o unconscious. Officers responded with AMR / VFD and assisted with treatment and preparing for transport.

Monday 4/1

3:20pm, received report of 2 transients attempting to use thrown away paddle boards to paddle to the Santa Clara Rivermouth from the L/R. Officers were able to convince them to postpone the adventure. Issued warning for no PFD’s.

Tuesday 4/2

3:10pm, dispatched to vehicle in the water at the L/R, officers responded by land and water. Once on scene, determined no one in the vehicle. The individual was retrieving their vessel and accidently backed into the water. Vehicle towed out of the water with assistance from TowBoat US and Anacapa towing.
Thursday 4/4 .10:40am, received a request for disposing of expired flares. Officers explained US coast guard receives flares at CI Harbor safety expo or contact USCG.

Friday 4/5

4:43pm, while on patrol in truck, flagged down by injured individual at the launch ramp. Officers rendered first aid for an injured thumb, released at scene.

6:51pm, received report of an injured seabird, Greeb on Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded and were able to capture the bird for rescue group and rehabilitation.

Saturday 4/6

5:15am, received request to jumpstart security vehicle in the village. Officers responded and were able to start the vehicle.

12:18am, dispatched to a sick person in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD and AMR with the patient.

3:22pm, dispatched to investigation of large oil spill occurring at Surfers Knoll. Officers responded, found Manson conducting beneficial reuse, or replenishment of sand erosion. The operation was explained to concerned patrons and caller.

Sunday 4/7

6:33am, observed bad weather forecast again, raised Gale Warning pennants.

2:25pm, dispatched to an unknown medical at Surfers Knoll. Officers responded and found the patient intoxicated and going in and out of the ocean, to the concern of beach patrons. Convinced the individual to stay out of the sea.

11:33pm, officers securing vessels due to gusty winds loosening lines.

Monday 4/8

10:44am, advising fire dispatch that primary response vehicle is Out-of-Service, 2nd vehicle in primary role. Harbor 1 needs diagnostics and fuel tank repair.

11:41am, dispatched to a sick person at the Surfers Knoll parking lot. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to assist the patient who was transported to hospital.

5:03pm, received report of a disgruntled customer at gift shop in the village. Officers responded and diffused the situation, customer satisfied with returns.

Tuesday 4/9

8:47am, officers conducting traffic control in Fireboat/Rescue B19 for Manson Dredge returning to Pierpont Basin for repairs.


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