Ventura Tree Alliance Build a Sense of Community by Planting Trees

Barbara Brown, Christy Weir, and Nancy O’Rode are happy planting trees.

Every year, Californians celebrate Arbor Week by planting trees in their communities. This year the Ventura Tree

Alliance (VTA) is planting 15 trees at Elmhurst School and another 20 trees at Montalvo Hill Park. VTA has planted trees every year during Arbor Week since we began in 2021. Our goal is to increase awareness of the benefits of trees.

California is a place where trees are a part of our daily lives. Tree planting here is at an all-time high after significant losses statewide since 2018. Last year, in California nearly 195,000 trees were planted during Arbor Week. By the end of 2024, the Ventura Tree Alliance will have planted nearly 200 trees in Ventura.

Community, business and non-profit leaders from all fields understand that trees are important for practical and aesthetic reasons. Trees cool the air, reducing the need for air conditioning. Trees add property value to homes and businesses. Tree filled communities tend to be safer, more sociable and healthier.

Ventura loves trees, but in many communities, people are indifferent. But they shouldn’t be. Studies show urban greenery improves public health: 40 percent fewer people are overweight or obese, residents are three times as likely to be physically

active, children have reduced symptoms of attention deficit disorder, hypertension and asthma, and stress levels are lower.

If the intangible benefits to trees in our environment aren’t enough evidence, what about the dollars and cents? A study done in the Inland Valley showed that one large tree will provide over $2,700 in environmental and other benefits over its lifetime. That’s a 333-percent return on investment. For 100 large public trees, communities can save over $190,000 in 40 years.

While VTA does what we can locally, California ReLeaf is leading the statewide effort. Last year, they funded 33 projects with local organizations resulting in over 23,000 trees planted, and the creation or retention of nearly 200 jobs and job training for young people over the next two years. Because of our partnership with California ReLeaf, when you celebrate California Arbor Week locally, you’ll be celebrating with the rest of the state as well.

This California Arbor Week and in the future, we need your support. Neighbors can come together and help each other plant trees on their property. Volunteers can donate materials or their time to plant trees at parks or in schoolyards. Communities that work together to plant trees forge bonds that cannot be measured through the tons of carbon dioxide removed from the air or gallons of rainwater collected by trees. These are the relationships that lead to a greater understanding amongst neighbors and the inner peace that comes from living in a greener community.

Join Us!

Volunteers are needed to help plant trees on Thursday, April 25, 10am at Montalvo Hill Park. Bring a shovel or rake (with your name on it), a sun hat, sunscreen and water… and have a great day outdoors making a difference in Ventura.

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