Ventura Audubon Society Presents: Wings of Hope: Ventura Audubon’s Snowy Plover Awareness Month and Fundraising Drive

Nesting season arrives for the Western snowy plover along Ventura County’s shores, marking a critical time for awareness and conservation efforts. Responding to the challenges posed by habitat changes and human activity, the Ventura Audubon Society introduces a month of awareness events and ‘Raise the Roost,’ an April fundraiser aimed at supporting the protection of these shorebirds. With habitats under pressure from urban development, human disturbance and shifting sands, the initiative seeks community support to fund the Shorebird Recovery Program. Ventura’s coastal ecosystem faces significant threats, urging collective action to safeguard the snowy plover’s survival, along with all other dune ecosystem wildlife.

Throughout April, Ventura Audubon Society welcomes the public to engage with a variety of events designed to cater to diverse preferences and foster public support for the conservation of the western snowy plover and the dune ecosystem on our Ventura County beaches.

Key Events:

  • Saturday, April 20th, 8:30am: Come birding with us for a guided nature walk with chapter leaders at Ormond Beach. Registration is required through our field trips webpage; we will have binoculars to loan.
  • Tuesday, April 23rd, 6pm: Test your avian knowledge at Bird Trivia Night with Ventura Audubon at Ventura Coast Brewing Company. Meet our Shorebird Recovery Team
  • Saturday, April 27th, 1pm-4pm: Raise the Roost Fundraiser: Join us for a social gathering, prize raffles, and exclusive merchandise at Ventura Coast Brewing Company. Proceeds benefit the Shorebird Recovery Program.

Western snowy plovers, among California’s smallest shorebirds, nest directly on the sand in small depressions known as ‘scrapes,’ which they make above the high tide line. Their camouflaged eggs seemly vanish into the sandy surroundings. Protected under the Endangered Species Act since 1993, the Pacific Coast population faces threats from habitat loss, human disturbance, urban development. Locally, persistent issues arise from off-road vehicle users cutting fencing designed to safeguard nesting habitat, trespassing into restricted areas, and causing habitat destruction. In addition to threats from human activity, snowy plovers also face natural factors such as predators, erosion, inclement weather, and climate change.

Ventura Audubon seeks the support of the public in joining our efforts to protect nesting snowy plovers and preserve our coastal ecosystems. We invite interested individuals to attend one of our events, where they can meet us, learn more about the special wildlife on our County Beaches, and be inspired to volunteer. Together, we can make a difference.

Ventura Audubon Society is dedicated to promoting the protection and restoration of bird populations and wildlife habitats for the benefit of humanity and biodiversity.

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