Mystic Whaler and Central Coast Ocean Adventures join the Southern California Plankton Watch

Awareness of plankton and blooms brought together scientists and informal educators.

Central Coast Ocean Adventures Foundation (CCOAF) and the schooner Mystic Whaler are now partners with the Southern California Plankton Watch.

Interest and awareness of plankton and blooms brought together scientists and informal educators in the Southern California Bight region to form a volunteer plankton monitoring network which led to the formation of the Southern California Plankton Watch. Mystic Whaler’s crew and educators received their initial training in plankton collection in February 2024. CCOAF/Mystic Whaler, along with local young people who come on board Mystic for experiential educational programs, will be assisting in collecting data for the Watch. This ongoing effort increases the number of eyes on the ocean for understanding changing ocean systems and early detection of blooms and sets into place a method for rapid response.

Founded in 2021, the Mission of CCOAF is to utilize adventure through sailing and the sea to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) comprehension, environmental stewardship, teamwork, self-confidence, and nautical skills for the communities of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties with a special focus on youth. CCOAF offers year-round experiential educational programming aboard its 110-foot Schooner Mystic Whaler to schools, community-based organizations, and the public.

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