Local Senior Sees Beyond Limitations

Maureen returned to her hometown roots to retire in Ventura and Oxnard. Photo by Dave Gunther

by Tracy Marcynzsyn

“I’m on a new journey,” declares Maureen Angelini, sitting in her grandmother’s chair in her Oxnard home filled with family and sentimental heirlooms, like the statue of Isis (an Egyptian goddess) that belonged to her grandfather.

A teacher and principal in Baldwin Park and Bakersfield for 30 years, Maureen returned to her hometown roots to retire in Ventura and Oxnard.

“I loved my career! I believed in what I did,” reflects Maureen. Every Friday she was in the cafeteria to shake the hands of students who completed all their weekly homework assignments. This reinforced teachers’ hard work and acknowledged, encouraged, and congratulated student efforts.

A teacher at heart, Maureen continues to share her knowledge and encourage others to go beyond what they think is possible, albeit in a less traditional subject than during her three decades within the public school system.

An event changed the direction of Maureen’s life. Two years before retirement, she attended the funeral mass of a coworker who died by suicide.

“While praying for Eddie’s soul, I saw his essence in a light fog above his casket and heard these words in my mind, ‘I didn’t know I would cause so much pain.’ This incident defied logic and my Catholic upbringing,” declared Maureen.

She shared how a series of unsettling events and a dream about Angel Therapy guided her to take a class with Charles Virtue in 2013. This exposed her to meditation, the terms of mediumship, and ways to use her senses to connect with the other side. A month later, Maureen attended a one-week course with James Van Praagh.

“The ability to hear spirits surprised me but felt natural at the same time,” she recalled.

To quiet doubts about whether her communication with spirits was real or her imagination, Maureen went to England and took courses at the renowned Arthur Findlay College of Psychic and Spiritual Development.

“It was amazing!” said Maureen with a smile. She described the school as “a playground for the soul.” It confirmed her abilities and was a safe place to interact with souls in the afterlife under tutors’ guidance and fellow students’ support.

The author of Wisdom from the Afterlife: Messages from Departed and Suicide Souls, Maureen takes readers on a journey through her personal experiences intertwined with stories that spirits channeled through her. Many of the souls were victims of suicide or drug abuse. Four were famous entertainers who struggled with inner battles that contributed to their early deaths. Today, people fight these same challenges.

The book provides a blueprint for reflection and change, with an emphasis on the importance of letting go of past hurts, understanding which struggles are worth the fight, and living without future regrets.

“After the completion of the book, I discovered a common theme that ran through all the stories: self-bullying. It’s the negative words or thoughts we tell ourselves. This unconscious act sabotages joy and self-worthiness,” she noted.

Maureen acknowledges and understands the uncertainty and religious dogmas that surround mediumship and suicide.

“I held the same beliefs before retirement. When I accepted my innate ability to communicate with the other side, the sorrow, humility, and love felt within the transmitted messages couldn’t be ignored. Spirits provided urgent and timely messages of healing for those who struggle with life and the aftermath of a death by suicide.”

Statistics reveal suicide claims the lives of over 48,300 Americans each year. An estimated quarter million people become living survivors.

More than a decade after retirement, Maureen continues her mission to encourage people to step beyond their self-hindering beliefs and comfort zones. A positive attitude, purpose, and awareness transform challenges into growth opportunities for change and unlimited possibilities.

Her book, Wisdom from the Afterlife, published by Gracepoint, is set to be released this July. Maureen plans to offer classes in Meditation, Mind Expansion, How to Understand the Spirit Messages of Loved Ones, and Unleashing Your Unlimited Potential this fall.

For more information, visit Maureen Angelini.com.

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