Andres Salazar exhibit at WAV Gallery

Andres Salazar is having an exhibit of his art work at the WAV Gallery (175 S. Ventura Ave.) with an opening reception on May 3, 6-9pm and on the weekends May 4-25th  from 1-4pm.

This exhibit dances with the raw energy of action painting and landscape expressionism.  Infused with movement and life, the canvas shows the process of making the art.  It is a journey of both spaces and emotions.  Each canvas serves as an open invitation, a playground where viewers can embark on their own journeys through the constellations of my shapes, forging their own connections and narratives. 

Andres has considered Ventura his home for the last 20 years, and is a resident of the WAV community.  Graduated at UCSB, he has always been involved in creative arts and worked in the graphic novel publishing industry. Story and art have always influenced his work and he brings that storytelling to the canvas using vibrant colors and dynamic shapes.

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